“A bit strange”: Wolff reveals Red Bull, Ferrari have come together to fight budget cap penalty

With the introduction of a budget cap for teams, there will also be penalties for overshooting this budget restriction. The nature of these penalties is still under discussion at the moment.

However, three teams have spoken against some possible penalties which were recommended.

Out of the ten teams, seven would like there to be sporting penalties along with financial ones if there is a breach in the budget.

Sporting penalties would mean a reduction in the points or even disqualification from the race/entire season.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has revealed that three of the ten team are against sporting penalties.

“A large group, seven out of 10 teams, voted to introduce sporting penalties for a violation of the limit. Three teams voted against. They see a fine, but don’t want sporting penalties. That’s a bit strange,” he said.

The three teams that were against this are Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, and AlphaTauri.

Red Bull and Ferrari have said that they are seeking more clarity regarding the issue after which they will be ready to sign.

“With the current compromise it is understandable why that is so and what regulations they find incomplete or uncomfortable to accept,” Wolff said.

The Mercedes boss said that things will fall into place pretty quickly.

 “Then everyone will understand that violations of the financial regulations are seen in the same way as violations of the technical regulations,” Wolff said.

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