F1 makes changes to DRS zone for Imola Grand Prix – “Longer one than in 2020”

The upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has seen authorities hard at work prepping the track in Imola.

There have been a few changes that have been done to the track. Now only time will tell how these changes will impact the outcome of the race.

Imola is Ferrari and AlphaTauri’s home Grand Prix but the last time the F1 paddock was here, Hamilton with Mercedes took the top spot.

Now, there has been a DRS change implemented for this year’s race.

DRS or Drag Reduction System is a feature that helps reduce the aerodynamic drag on the car which can also help it overtake with ease in straights.

With the latest updates, the track at Imola will have a longer DRS zone as compared to that in 2020.

F1 journalist, Mikolaj Sokot said, “One DRS zone in Imola, but longer than in the 2020 season.

“The detection point has been moved in front of Rivazza (entering Turn 17, in 2020 it was behind the exit of Turn 18), and the beginning of the extended zone is to be at the exit to the pit lane – instead of at the finish line.”

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion is looking to win yet again in Imola after conquering Bahrain.

On the other hand, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen might put up a strong fight after being beaten by Hamilton in the first race. He is expected to go all out as he battles the newly appointed Knight.

With just days away from the second round Formula One 2021 season, who do you think will make it to the top? Let us know in the comments below!

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