F1 has been witnessing one of the most intense battles between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the title during the 2021 season.

After Max faced a disappointing DNF in Silverstone, the points gap between him and Lewis has now dropped to less than 10.

Off-track rivalry

What is interesting is that the rivalry between the two drivers is not limited to the track, but off it as well.

Adding spice to the situation, Forbes has recently released a list of drivers’ earnings over the 2021 season.

In the past, F1 was highly predictable with Hamilton leading a lonely race and going home with the highest pay.

However, a new contender is slowly inching towards the Brit in terms of yearly earnings – Max Verstappen.

Lewis vs Max

When it comes to earning, at the moment Hamilton is in the lead. But the rest of the pack is not far away.

The seven-time world champion is on his way to earn a total sum of $62 million.

From this massive figure, $55 million is his base salary while $7 million are bonuses for race wins.

Hamilton’s last year’s figures were even more than the 2021 season with a whopping $66 million.

Just behind the Brit stands Max Verstappen with a total sum of around $42 million. Out of these, $17 million stands just for bonuses.

The final spot on the ‘earnings podium’ is taken by Fernando Alonso with a total earning of $25 million.

A look at the top-10

In fourth place stands Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez with an earning of around $18 million, including $13 million-worth bonuses.

Aston Martin driver, Sebastian Vettel stands fifth with $15 million. He is followed by Charles Leclerc with a yearly earning of $12 million ahead of Valtteri Bottas’ $10 million.

Daniel Ricciardo stands in the top 10 with a total of $10 million without any bonuses.

Following him is Lance Stroll with an earning of $9 million.

Finally, Carlos Sainz comes in last with $8 million, completing the top 10.

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