Editorial Policy at SportItNow

At SportItNow, we strictly look to adhere to editorial standards accepted universally. Let’s take a quick look at some of the guidelines we follow in our constant endevour to provide users with the best sports content on the internet.

As seen through our content at SportItNow, we are always concerned about presenting news without any bias or partiality.

We understand that given our status as a media website, we need to uphold certain standards and we aim to do our best with respect to this.

Editorial integrity:

We do not intend to influence the views of our readers with statements made by third parties. All these views are strictly personal to the individuals in question.

One of our key ambitions is to always speak the truth and ensure that there is no impartiality in our text that can compromise our editorial integrity.


We ensure that no news of ours gives rise to any conflict of interest. Given that the team is made up of journalism and management graduates, we believe that we have got the right education to ensure that we will not indulge in unethical work that influences/ corrupts the views of our readers.

Plagiarism and content mapping:

At SportItNow, we have a strict policy to avoid any sorts of plagiarism. While a lot of our work is contains content published by other websites on the internet, we provide an unbiased coverage of such events and ensure that our sources are credible.

We aim to provide quality content that enhances a reader’s understanding of the sport and educates them about the latest happenings with respect to sports of their choice.

We often use content that is sourced through social media and are pricy to its undeniable impact in modern-day journalism. Our aim is only to present the views of sportspersons/ members related to the sporting world. We do not wish for readers/ users of this website to base their opinions on this and endevour to cover all news without bias.


If you have any complaints with respect to the content on SportItNow, contact us on contact@sportitnow.com