“Absolutely zero chance he’s a better fisherman than me”: Gillespie challenges McGregor to a fish-off

UFC lightweight Gregor Gillespie has once again termed himself as the “best fisherman in MMA”.

Following his TKO win against Diego Ferreira at UFC Vegas 26, he said to the cameras, “I told you, best condition, best wrestler, best fisherman. I’m going hiking tomorrow. Best hiker.”

It is very evident from Gillespie’s Instagram account that he is very fond of fishing. He has been posting a lot of pictures of different sizes of fish that he has caught over the years. He’s even caught a shark recently.

But a certain Conor McGregor expressed his problems over Gillespie’s self-proclaimed title. ‘Notorious’ took to Twitter and posted, “This Gregor Gillespie cat is no way in hell the best fisherman in MMA. Not even f****** close!”

McGregor recalled his own fishing experiences. He even responded to one of his fans about a rare ‘spikey’ that he had once caught.

During his post-fight conference, Gillespie responded to McGregor by challenging him to a fish-off to determine who the best fisherman between the two really is.

Gillespie also added that if he beats the ‘Notorious’ in the fishing challenge, the two could compete inside the octagon.

Gillespie said, “Okay, so I mean, we could do a couple of different things. If he wants to settle that score first we could definitely do a fish off and then if I win, we could have a fight-off. How’s that sound? Now, that’s cool, that’s pretty, that’s flattering.

“I mean, he’s got a huge audience. Hopefully I pick up a few followers from that but there’s absolutely zero chance he’s a better fisherman than me. No one is.”

This fishing conversation also saw stars like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev join the debate.

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