Adam Norris net worth 2023: How much is Lando Norris’ dad worth and where did he earn this money?

Adam Norris made his name through Horatio Investments Ltd., a company he founded in 2010, and is also a prominent investor in other ventures. In the sporting circuits, he is known for being the father of McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris.

Adam Norris possesses tremendous acumen when it comes to investment, and his company Horatio Investments Ltd. exclusively deals in helping the public made prudent financial decisions.

Adam Norris. Credit:
Adam Norris. Credit:

Net worth in 2023

Adam Norris is believed to be the 610th richest man in Britain, with a net worth believed to be in the region of £205 million, which is an increase on what he was worth in 2022.

After setting up his own company, one of Adam’s greatest pieces of business came with a financial businessman called Hargreaves Lansdowne, with whom he signed a life-changing deal.

Norris is now a well-recognised figure, especially owing to his son’s presence in Formula 1, a sport that has seen a sharp increase in viewership ever since Netflix launched the ‘Drive to Survive’ docu-series.

Being a recognised face naturally makes Adam that much more appealing to marketers and he enjoys sponsorships from the likes of McLaren, ADD Management, Bell Helmets, and Wearegrip.

Is Lando in F1 only because of father Adam’s wealth?

Lando Norris is a Formula 1 driver
Lando Norris. Credit:

Adam Norris’ son Lando has been racing for McLaren for a few years now.

In fact, the upcoming season will see Lando partner Oscar Piastri as the senior teammate for the first time in his career.

There were calls of Lando being a ‘pay driver’ initially in his career, but consistent performances and an affable personality has helped him win the fans over.

In terms of purely results, he has been McLaren’s shining light in the recent past.

The British youngster may not have won a race yet for the Papaya-Orange, but he outperformed Daniel Ricciardo in both of the previous seasons.

Lando Norris is now so well known in the circuit that there have even been talks of bringing him to Red Bull to establish a dream partnership with Max Verstappen.

Lando Norris himself earns approximately $5 million from F1 as part of his salary and various other endorsements.

Personal information

Adam Norris is the CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd.

He is among the top-20 richest people in Bristol, which is his place of birth.

He is married to Cisca and the couple have three children.

Rеаl Nаmе/Full NаmеAdam Norris
Віrth РlасеBristol
Аgе/Ноw Оld51 уеаrѕ оld
Маrіtаl ЅtаtuѕMarried
WifeCisca Wauman
Кіdѕ/Сhіldrеn NаmеLando, Flo, Oliver
Nеt Wоrth$205 mіllіоn
Lаѕt UрdаtеdЈanuary 2023

Professional ventures

Adam believes he is a problem-solver and has displayed plenty of times in the past that he has a very sharp business brain.

Given his vast knowledge and success in the investments sector, it is worth understanding how he got to where he has.

His route to success can undoubtedly not be penned in a few words, but it took plenty of years of experience in investment practices that laid the brainchild for his venture.

This venture, of which he is now CEO, is named Horatio Investments Ltd.

The company would not have truly blossomed in the manner in which it did had it not have been for investor and entrepreneur Hargreaves Lansdowne recognising its potential.

The business offered Adam the chance to take his business to the next level by providing some much required capital to facilitate greater deals.

Lando Norris and Adam Norris. Credit:
Lando Norris and Adam Norris. Credit:

At the time, Adam was just 26 years old.

Not only did he have the right plan in mind to propel the company, but he also had the right mentality and work ethic to make it happen.

Adam took the company to extraordinary heights, famously even increasing profitability at the rate of 50% in its initial years.

Adam Norris had such a strong business plan in place that he has managed to become the biggest seller of pensions and pension funds in the UK.

Apart from this, the truly revolutionary decision Adam made with regard to his company was putting it on the London Stock Exchange.

This truly revolutionised the game for his firm and he has not looked back since, slowly enhancing his company’s coffers and his own personal wealth.

Adam Norris invests in a number of ventures, one of which is, of course, Formula 1 where his son races for McLaren.

His sponsorship is undoubtedly of great importance to the team.

Do Lando and Adam share a healthy relationship?

Adam Norris. Credit:
Adam Norris. Credit:

Lando Norris is regarded as one of the most talented drivers of his generation.

Long gone are the days when he is regarded as a pay driver due to Adam’s presence.

He has proven to be consistent behind the wheels for McLaren and even in a season where the team visibly struggled, Lando put in a decent shift and comfortably outshone teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Away from F1, Lando is also known in different circuits.

He is known for his quick-witted responses and just likeable characteristics, something that is apparent when he streams or plays games like Call of Duty on Twitch.

His popularity on Twitch was high enough for him to use it to raise $12,000 for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

He was also part of an F1 consortium on Twitch which included the likes of Alex Albon, Charles Leclerc and George Russell.

Lando is also the founder of an e-sports team called Team Quadrant.

Lando was initially reluctant to race

Lando Norris. Credit:
Lando Norris. Credit:

It would be foolish to assume that Adam Norris’ wealth was not helpful in offering Lando the opportunity to be an F1 driver.

Adam had accrued enough wealth and was open to the idea of allowing his son to pursue a career in motorsport.

In fact, it was initially more Adam’s dream, with Lando initially reluctant to race until his father finally helped build his interest over time.

While Adam wanted Lando to start with go-karting, his son was keen to try his luck on two-wheelers.

It may not have been Lando’s Plan A, but it is fair to say that he will be happy that his father pushed him into the sport, especially considering just how big a talent he is.

Surely over time Lando also started enjoying racing in an F1 car as he constantly displays a great work ethic, much like his father, when it comes to his preparation.

Can Lando repay his father Adam’s faith?

Lando Norris. Credit:
Lando Norris. Credit:

When you think about just how young Lando is and the wealth of experience he has already gained in the sport, it is scary to imagine how much success he could soon achieve if the right circumstances present themselves.

Adam Norris has reportedly spent north of $44 million so far to fund his son’s career, but Lando will eventually surely repay it with the same sort of interest that he has enjoyed in his business life.

This may yet turn out to be his best investment yet and to think that we can watch this blaze on the screens right in front of our eyes makes us want to salute Adam.

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