Adam Norris net worth: How much is Lando Norris’ dad worth in 2022?

Adam Norris is an entrepreneur and investor, who possesses extensive experience and knowledge in his area of expertise. He is also the father of McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris.

He currently serves as the CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd., which is a private investment company he founded in 2010.

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Net worth

Adam Norris was at number 18 on the Bristol Rich List of 2016. His net worth is estimated to be at around £200 million.

You can see how this value increased in Adam Norris’ net worth in 2023.

Norris, in addition to his fortune and his investments, is sponsored by various companies. He is backed by McLaren, ADD Management, Bell Helmets, and Wearegrip. Due to his son Lando being in F1, many fans consider him to be a pay driver, with ‘daddy’s money’ being the reason for it.

However, Norris has shut them up with his talent and his results. In the last few years, and especially the 2021-22 season, he has only grown as a driver. Norris also earns an estimated $2 million from the sport.

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Personal information

Adam Norris is the CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd. He is also a retired pensions manager. At the time of writing, he is one of the richest people from Bristol, his hometown.  He is also ranked 501st on the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom. His wife’s name is Cisca.

He is a great businessman and investor, and has used all his years of experience and knowledge to do well for himself and support his son Lando in his racing endeavours.

Professional ventures

Adam describes himself as a problem solver and someone who is passionate about building successful businesses and backing people and companies with brimming potential. Currently, as mentioned earlier, he is the CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd. He takes his role very seriously. After establishing Horatio Investments Ltd. in 2010, he took it to the level. His 20 years of experience in investment and investing practices constitutes the foundations of his brainchild company.

Adam was 26 years of age when investor and entrepreneur Hargreaves Lansdown took a chance on him and invested in his company. Since that initial investment, Adam has repaid the faith shown in him multiple times over. With him at the helm, his company has grown at a stellar rate of 50% per annum. This makes it the biggest seller of pensions and pension funds in the entire United Kingdom. In addition to that, he put the company on the map, and the map in question is the economic Holy Grail – the London Stock Exchange.

He has also overseen Horatio Investments Ltd. growing by leaps and bounds, and primarily focusing on young ambitious and profitable start-ups and businesses. His shrewd investment policies and his ambition and planning have seen great results come in and the money roll into his bank account. He also strategically invests in areas which interest him and those which he loves, like equine sports, commercial property, real estate and of course, Formula 1. His son races for McLaren in the sport, and his backing is a real asset in his development.

Adam Norris - CEO @ Pure Scooters - Acadium

Business acumen

According to Adam, the secret to start and run a start-up well and efficiently is to be there. His ability to take start-up businesses under his wing and help them learn, commit, grow and succeed in the business world is one of his best business traits. He is a mechanical engineer by profession, and a formally trained one at that. However, he made the switch and fully committed to his career in business after spending a decade with Hargreaves Lansdown. There, he helped Lansdown’s son become a world champion in his motorsport career. With those experiences, he forged the UK’s most active, thriving and successful listed private investment businesses. He also owns a stake in Hargreaves Lansdown. If there is one word to describe him in the industry, it is ‘innovator’.

Adam became managing director of Pensions Direct at the prime age of 33. Pensions Direct is a pensions business which operates under Hargreaves Lansdown. He did what can be called a power move and retired at the surprising age of 36, and with good reason. Having set up one of the most successive pensions advising companies in the industry, he earned enough money and built enough to enjoy his retirement. He also sells annuities and stakeholder pensions, and manages private pensions under the name of a group of people. His personal fortune is 205 million pounds.

Adam Norris - Founder - Pure Electric Limited

The next generation of Norris

Adam’s son Lando drives for McLaren, and has done so since his debut. Currently, he drives for the Woking-based outfit, alongside Australian teammate Daniel Ricciardo. The 2021-22 season has seen him hit ridiculous levels as a driver, and he has given the top drivers on the grid a run for their money on multiple occasions.

He began his season in Bahrain at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and missed out on the podium by finishing fourth. That would only be a taste of the things to come. The next race saw him clinch his first podium at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, having finished third after surrendering second place in the dying moments of the race. This was his first podium of the season, and his second overall.

He then put in another strong shift in Monaco to claim another podium finish. He started the race in fifth position, but the disasters faces by Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas made sure he finished third. He was already having the best season of his career, and it wouldn’t stop there. In Azerbaijan, he recovered from a terrible penalty and battled from ninth place to an impressive P5, after taking full advantage of slower cars and some crashes. He then arrived for the Styrian Grand Prix, but ended up finishing fifth.

It's nice to be back in a race car' says Norris as he gets first taste of  the MCL35M at Silverstone shakedown | Formula 1®

He would not let that deter him, however, as he bounced back from a harsh penalty to come home in third place at the Austrian Grand Prix. Earlier, he had missed out on pole by an unbelievable 0.048 seconds, but finished the race with yet another podium. He then did well in his home race at the British Grand Prix, qualifying sixth, sprinting fifth and finishing fourth. This put him ahead of Bottas and Perez in the WDC standings, putting him at an astonishing third place. This was statistically his best season ever.

Norris continued his good form, qualifying sixth at the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, he was forced to retire after getting hit by Bottas on Lap 1. It marked the first time in the season that he failed to secure any points. He then rode his bad luck into the Belgian Grand Prix, where rain made him crash and drop to 10th, which became P15 after his penalty. The race was washed out, and he didn’t score any points there as well.

Outside of F1, Adam’s son is a well-known personality, known for his infectious sense of humour and his relatability. He is an ardent streamer, and plays games like Call of Duty on Twitch. Thousands tune in to his streams to watch him play, including when he raised $12,000 for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

During the F1 2020 hiatus, he was part of a Twitch gang, which included fellow drivers Alex Albon, Charles Leclerc and George Russell. He is also the founder of an e-sports team called Team Quadrant.


Adam helped his son Lando get into Formula 1, and was a major factor in motivating him to become a racer. Norris was initially reluctant to race, but his father cultivated the interest in it. Even then, he wanted to race motorcycles and two-wheelers. However, he convinced him that racing cars would be a good choice of career as well. Moreover, Adam is a huge fan of Formula 1, and tried to make young Norris follow the sport as well.

His vision for Norris, in hindsight, seems to be working. Norris is one of the best drivers on the grid today, and is being touted by many to become a future world champion in the sport. He has been very consistent since his debut. When you factor in his age, it is scary to think what he can achieve in the future.

Lando Norris Updates on Twitter: "Happy Father's Day to all the incredible  Dad's out there ? #L4NDO #LN4 #F1 #FathersDay… "

Moreover, if it must come to that, Lando is rubbishing the claim that he is a paid driver. He has talent and pace in spades, and is in no way a cash cow. He has won multiple karting championships, an F3 championship and is presently a multiple-time podium finisher. A first race win hasn’t come yet, but it is a case of when rather than if.

Even if Adam has stumped up $44 million to fund Norris, he has repaid it back and then some. With his entire career in front of him, there is so much more to go. Perhaps that is the visionary businessman’s best investment. It’s not his companies or his pension organizations, but his blisteringly-quick talented son in the sport called Formula 1.

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