Adrian Newey explains the main advantage in having Sergio Perez at Red Bull

Sergio Perez has been an important asset for the Red Bull team. He has played a strong defensive role often helping out Max Verstappen.

However, in recent months, the Mexican driver has had to face a bunch of criticism for not being as good as Verstappen.

Adrian Newey, the Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull, however, thinks that having Perez on the team has been highly beneficial.

He also pointed out several positives about the Mexican.

Perez comes packed with experience

One of the biggest advantages of having Perez in the team is the fact that he has a lot of experience in Formula 1.

He has successfully driven for other teams including Sauber, McLaren, and Force India.

Here he gained valuable experience which has helped Red Bull gain an insight into their competition.

What did Newey say?

In a conversation with Speedweek, Newey talked about how Perez has been important for the development of Red Bull.

“Sergio is very useful with his experience at other teams,” he said.

“Since Mark (Webber, ed.) and DC (David Coulthard, ed.) we haven’t had any drivers who didn’t come from the Red Bull driver program.

“The experience of other teams gives us a different perspective and input from the other guys,” he explained.

Red Bull picking up tricks from Perez

Newey also talked about the importance of ensuring that their drivers are heard. This can provide them valuable information.

“The fact is that the data we measure on the car, the hundreds of sensors for aerodynamics and driving dynamics, tell you what the car is doing,” he added.

“The driver is just much better at telling you why he’s doing it.

“So it’s about matching the driver’s comments with the sensors,” he concluded.

At the moment, Perez stands fifth in the driver’s standings with 104 points. Will he be able to up his game in the second half of the season?

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