Red Bull Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey has thanked F1 fans for their efforts to prove the team’s evidence against Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.

The British Grand Prix saw a Lap 1 crash for Max Verstappen, after he collided with Hamilton. Verstappen went into the barriers and retired from the race, having taken a crash impact of 51G.

Hamilton was awarded a 10-second penalty in addition to penalty points on his license for being involved in the crash. However, that didn’t deter the British driver from taking the victory.

Red Bull did not like the fact that it was just the penalty awarded to Hamilton. They appealed for further punishments for the seven-time champion, but the F1 stewards rejected their request.

Red Bull wants "clean sheet" for new F1 engines from 2026
Red Bull did not take kindly to Hamilton’s penalty at Silverstone. Source:

Newey thanked the fans for their efforts to prove the legitimacy of Red Bull’s evidence against Hamilton. He also defended the decision taken by the Milton Keynes outfit to appeal.

“In that sense, I was very disappointed that the stewards decided that wasn’t new evidence. It’s unfortunate, but that’s their decision and we respect that,” Newey said

“In our case, we had analysis of GPS data, which I think is analogous to a video recorded in the grandstands. Both are technically available during the event but neither will be available to the stewards – in the case of GPS, it needs specialist analysis to make it viewable.” 

No regrets

Speaking about whether reviewing the decision was the correct action, Newey said “I absolutely do believe it was correct. Basically, the right to appeal is based on fresh evidence coming to light.

“It’s quite an old rule, and the thought when it was drafted was that perhaps there might be somebody taking video in the grandstands that could provide a different angle, and that would be admissible as new evidence,” he concluded.

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  1. For Godsake get over it. People who have lost someone to medical negligence don’t whinge on as much as this. Suck it up Red bull

    • A loven fault is a proven fault , but if someone holding 7 titles , that person would never missed the apax that much by accident and therefore a more severe penalty should have been executed!

    • So it is get over it?….he could have killed Max….would you still have said get over it…. Hamilton is an asshole…if it was not for that car he would have been just another driver… Russell proved it last year…it is the car…not hamilton…

      • But he didn’t, and F1 moves on to he next event, it feels like there are alot of new fans in F1, which is great, but historically luck comes around so no doubt Max will be caught on the wrong end of this sometime and then all the fans will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just accept the decision has been made, not that the decision is right or wrong for a particular driver and look forward to the next weekend where hopefully your driver has a better race weekend than the others.

      • Haha playing the victim is so easy versus admitting Lewis holds Every record and is the nest all time over multiple years on multiple cars. ?

  2. Got alongside, got squeezed, backed off, serial bad driver hit him and spun out. Red Bull would be champion bad sportsman if they weren’t pipped by the Dutch fans las week.

  3. This was a racing incident between two drivers that didn’t want to back down. Neither were at fault or both were at fault depending on where you stand, but it wasn’t one or the other. Red Bull is rightfully sour because that incident turned the tide in their championship run and Max took a really nasty hit, but it also could have been avoided by Max if he backed down which he chose not to. Not placing blame on either driver because they both did what they thought was right. I honestly feel like Lewis wouldn’t have been penalized at all had Max not taken such a nasty hit. I feel like the stewards knew it was a racing incident but because of the severity felt like they had to punish Lewis in some way to make it seem like they weren’t cold hearted and unsympathetic to Max.

  4. Little Christian Horner sat in the corner
    Complaining that Max got took out
    Take a look at the replay it’s easy to see
    Max turned in of that there’s no doubt
    Marko and Horner cried foul play
    Ban Hamilton for a race
    Their only concern at the end of the day
    Mercedes have found competitive pace
    Turning a ten second penalty into a monumentous win
    Is what from Lewis we expect
    Gathering his toys to put back in his pram
    Max said Lewis showed no respect
    I’m glad you’re ok Max and I mean no offence
    But cut across the nose of the car on the inside
    And again you’ll end up in the fence.

  5. The committer of the damage, should pay for it, NOT Red Bull, but Hamilton’s boss Mercedes.
    A very strange and bad way to shut off your direct opponents.

  6. For goodness sake get a life you people..whoever side you’re on…it was nothing more tha a racing incident. Even most of the other F1 drivers agree with this!

  7. I seems that you have qiute a different look on the situation, on the video you can see that Max looks in the mirror, sees Hamilton and reacts by steering to the left, but the corner turns to the right so in this very short moment he has to steer to the right to prevent him to miss the corner. Hamilton did it completely wrong and could not avoid the Red Bull car. Max offered Lewis a lot more space than Charles Leclerc did later in the race, but as you can see if you are not blind is that this time Lewis had a complete different approach to the apex which he completely missed in the situation before. It if very unfair to blame Max, he did NOTHING wrong!

  8. I think Hamilton taking out Verstappen, all things considered was a good strategic move for the driver and team. Hamilton gets off lightly with a ten second penalty and still wins the race. Verstappen looses out on 25 point. Hamilton is now in with a good chance of the championship. I think they may consider a similar move later on in the season if this is the outcome, especially if the championship depends upon it. 🙂

  9. Red Bull should grow up they are an embarrassment to F1. Between Horner, Marko, and Newey they have made themselves look like a bunch of sooks. They bullied F1 into the engine freeze and sook about the fact that Max got what was coming to him.

  10. If Red Bull are right and Lewis would never have made the corner, a sensible driver not wanting to risk a crash and losing the World Championship lead would have backed out and undertook Lewis as he ran wide. All this proves is that Max hasn’t got the experience to be World Champion yet. When Lewis when was leading the championship he backed out of several potential crashes when he could have claimed he had the corner because its the sensible thing to do, when you are trailing you have less to lose. Big fan of Max but he has some growing up and learning to do yet
    The constant is whining from Red Bull isn’t really doing them or the sport any favours.


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