After rear wing, Mercedes takes aim at Red Bull’s pit-stop equipment; Helmut Marko responds

According to Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, Mercedes has shifted their focus from their rival’s rear wing to their pit-stop equipment.

The battle between Red Bull and Mercedes takes place as much off-track as on the track with the two outfits going back and forth over the race weekends.

The whole issue related to the flexible wing started back in Barcelona and continues till the current French Grand Prix after the FIA had to intervene.

Pit-stop equipment not compliant: Mercedes

Dr. Helmut Marko; Source:

The Silver Arrows are increasing the pressure on Red Bull with respect to their pit-stop equipment which they claim are not in accordance with the regulations.

Red Bull is well known for their super smooth two-second pitstops which works well in their favor.

Marko claims that just like the rear wing issue, the current outburst from Mercedes is just a part of the mind games that they are playing.

What did Marko say?

“Now they have also marked our pit stop material as illegal,” Marko stated. “But that is also all hot air. So we concentrate on racing and we want to be optimally prepared for that.

“We do not concern ourselves with these peripheral matters. The uncertainty that Mercedes has shown, the psychological war they are waging, that says enough.

Max [Verstappen] has said it before but we do our talking on the track. Mercedes is nervous. You can tell by their reaction, but we are not stooping to their level.

“We continue to focus on real things. The whole rear wing story was also just a storm in a teacup,” he continued.

Red Bull hungry for title win

Helmut Marko talking to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff; Source:

Marko went on to warn Mercedes stating that Red Bull will put up a strong fight for the title win this season considering that the entire team is primed and motivated.

“Our whole team is highly motivated. We have suffered from Mercedes dominance for a long time,” he added.

“There is a cohesion, a fascination and a passion that distinguishes us, the whole team is eager and hungry for this World Championship title,” he concluded.

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