“After the new test is introduced”: Former McLaren mechanic believes Red Bull’s advantage is about to end

Red Bull Racing has found itself in a tough spot after their flexible rear wing attracted a whole bunch of controversy, especially from Mercedes.

While the FIA has announced that the tests for the particular component will get tougher, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is not convinced.

He even claimed that the outfit will launch a protest if the wing issue is not fixed before Baku.

Red Bull rear wing in action. Source: motorsportmagazine.com

Red Bull advantage to end

Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley has a belief that the advantage that Red Bull has due to the wing will come to an end with the introduction of the new tests.

He thinks that Red Bull is faster on slow corners as compared to rivals Mercedes who have an advantage on straights.

The flexible rear wing provides an edge to Red Bull to overcome the disadvantage they face.

What did Priestley say?

“That could result in Mercedes and Red Bull being very close, but after the new test is introduced for the French Grand Prix, Mercedes will probably start to pull away a bit,” Priestley told in a live broadcast on his YouTube channel.

Priestley also believes that Mercedes’ tough luck during the Monaco Grand Prix provided ample opportunities to drivers like Sergio Perez.

Marc Priestley. Source: mfl.global

Despite a poor qualifying, Perez had a really strong race on Sunday.

‘Perez was lucky’

“Perez was lucky to gain a few places in the race, partly because of Red Bull’s good strategy, but also partly because of Mercedes’ problems,” said Priestley.

“He has always done well in the race, but he still struggles to get everything out of the car in qualifying.” 

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