Albon gives honest opinion on former teammate Verstappen – “Max doesn’t do bulls**t”

New Williams driver Alex Albon gave his honest opinion on former teammate Max Verstappen, saying he was direct and to the point.

Albon’s stint at Red Bull got off to a bright start. However, his first full season saw him crushed by Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship standings. It also didn’t help that he had a lacklustre season and was replaced in 2021 by Sergio Perez.

The Thai was demoted by his team to a reserve driver role, and that’s what he did in 2021. However, he was signed by Williams to race for them in the upcoming season, where he will partner with Nicholas Latifi.

Albon gave his honest opinion on Verstappen, saying the Dutchman’s directness and no-nonsense attitude made him the star he is today.

“He’s very honest, Max doesn’t do bulls**t,” he said in an interview for the Formula 1 Magazine, as quoted by Planet F1.

“He’s very direct. You could say that he is really Dutch!”

Max Verstappen and Alex Albon smile and talk. Brazil, November 2021.
Albon (right) with former teammate Verstappen (left). Source:

Confidence, no over

Verstappen is seen by many as a very assured and confident driver. Some say he is a cocky racer, but Albon insisted he was being seen in a wrong light.

“He is confident, but certainly not arrogant,” Albon stated.

“He just has confidence in what he does. We get along very well. He loves gaming, I also like to play games. So we sometimes play together.

“He is actually a very ordinary boy, especially when you consider how well-known he is and what he has already achieved. Max is much more normal than many people would think.”

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