Alesi wrecks Niki Lauda’s iconic Ferrari during an exhibition race

The Monte Carlo circuit saw an exhibition F1 race earlier this weekend. The event comprised of a variety of classic F1 cars which raced around a street circuit.

Unfortunately, during one of the races, former F1 driver Jean Alesi crashed Niki Lauda’s Ferrari. While running in the lead, the Frenchman crashed into the wall just a few laps before the race ended.

Alesi was driving the Ferrari 312B3 while in direct competition with 3-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner in the Lotus 77. However, with three laps left, they both collided as the German clipped the rear of Alesi’s Ferrari on the start-finish straight.

The Frenchman found himself flying straight into the pit wall which was kind of a shame as he managed an almost flawless race till then.

Niki Lauda had piloted the Ferrari 312B3 from 1974 to mid-1975. In 1974, the Austrian managed to grab two victories. But in 1975, he switched to the 312T, which is a whole story in itself.

Alesi’s incident was not the only disaster at the Monaco classic race. The race came to a premature halt with red flags drawn after a Surtees car crashed between Casino Square and Mirabeau.

For his involvement in the Alesi incident, Werner scored a penalty which had him lose his win by being demoted to third place.

Michael Lyons scored the victory in his McLaren M26, while Julien Andlauer came second in his March 761.

The Monte Carlo Circuit is now waiting for the next race with Formula E cars.

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