“The beast has woken up”: Alex Caruso praises Anthony Davis after monster performance

Fresh off an injury, Anthony Davis exploded with a 42-point performance and led the Los Angeles Lakers to a 123-110 win over the Pheonix Suns. Alex Caruso, who was the starting guard, dropped an amazing stat line with 17 Pts, 3 Reb, and 8 Ast on 54.5% on the field.

The Lakers team got the confidence they were looking for as Davis absolutely dominated one of the best teams in the west. Alex Caruso shared his thoughts after the game.

“I’ve heard a lot of chit… chit chat… some words around the world, that AD’s so soft, he’s falling all over the place. And guys gotta understand… they gotta give him a couple days,” he said

Since coming off his injury, Davis was struggling to get back in rhythm. However, it seems like this display could be a turning point.

The beast has woken up, says Caruso

“The beast has woken up,” Caruso said.

“We’re starting to see vintage AD … We’re a good a** team when we’re fully healthy and we got our guys rolling. I still think we’re the best team in the world.”

This type of confidence will prove beneficial to the defending champions who have been struggling this season.

As the season approaches its end, the Lakers are currently at 7th seed heading towards the play-in tournament. If they continue on this path, the Lakers may find themselves matched up against the Warriors led by Steph Curry – a matchup that NBA fans are eager to see.

The Lakers will be looking to make one last push to avoid the play-in tournament as they take on the New York Knicks on Tuesday.

Will the Lakers manage to avoid the play-in tournament? Or are we in for an exciting match-up?

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