How Alfa Romeo laid out the perfect blueprint to crawl out of its Ferrari-sized shadow

Alfa Romeo is known to have relied heavily on Ferrari all these years. The team was dependent on Ferrari not only for its fuel, but also a number of spare parts.

However, much of that has changed this season, as Alfa Romeo looks to crawl out of the shadow of Ferrari and establish its own credentials going forward.

The team has already minimised its usage of spare parts from Ferrari and technical director Jan Monchaux believes it is the right move.

Monchaux believes customising their own parts has led to far greater results on the track and the start they have made to the 2022 season is testament to that fact.

Team principal Fred Vasseur recently even jokes about how the team believed it was now in a “different world” altogether compared to earlier in the season.

Why did Alfa Romeo change blueprint?

Alfa Romeo. Credit:

Freedom to spend at their own will in an era that may well be defined by which team uses its budget cap the best are the primary reasons behind Alfa Romeo’s new blueprint.

“We don’t use anything from Ferrari other than the power unit and transmission,” Monchaux said.

“We’ve reduced the scope of supply, developing our own fuel tank, our own outer structure for the gearbox and our own rear suspension.

“This is all for two reasons. The first is for the budget cap, because it’s better for us to go in this direction.

“It also gives us a little more freedom in this first season to develop our concept without being constrained by the work of our Italian friends.”

Alfa Romeo may not have started off in flying colours during pre-season, but performed rather well in Bahrain.

The pace of the car has allowed the likes of Valtteri Bottas and rookie driver Guanyu Zhou to flourish in the early part of the season.

They have both been around the top-10 in both races so far.

Bottas relishing new role

Valtteri Bottas. Credit:

Bottas, who looks like a new person altogether, is relishing his new role at the team.

“I feel people are working harder than ever. That’s the feeling,” he said.

“Because we know that it’s so close now between the teams, it’s still in the early days [of the season], and if you can make progress, it’s actually going to show immediate results.

“But you almost have this fear, as well, that you don’t want to go backward. You want to progress, and that makes people work hard.

“It’s the same for me. It’s a joy to put the effort in, to try and progress with everything.

“I really feel like I’m in a good place now.”

Do you believe Alfa Romeo has made the right move? Does it make for more enjoyable watching? Let us know in the comments.

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