An unlikely link between Ferrari and Gucci?

It has been rumoured for a while now that the CEO position at Ferrari F1 is up for grabs. The top brass at FIAT, Juventus, Vodafone and Apple have all been linked with the job.

Gucci boss Marco Bizzarri has also made it into this list. Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Reggio suggests that there may be some truth to this link between Gucci and Ferrari. It states that this is largely to do with the fact that both are luxury brands.

The report states that according to the policy laid out by predecessor Louis Camilleri, the two could be a perfect fit for each other. The main element focused on is Ferrari’s luxury element, which he believed needed to be exploited more.

With the emphasis on profits at Ferrari, Bizzari may well be the best man to take the job. He has a stellar record at Gucci, almost tripling the company’s turnover from 3.9 billion euros to 9.6 billion euros.

One may argue that this is the deliberate effort of Ferrari chairman John Elkann. He is keen to ensure that many people are linked with the job.

With his motive solely on enhancing the reputation of the firm, he is said to have hired a headhunting agency to search for possible candidates.

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