Andy Cole net worth in 2022 – How much does Andy Cole earn?


Andy Cole is a retired English footballer and legend of the game. He is fondly remembered for his time with Premier League Manchester United, with whom he won many trophies, including a historic continental treble.

A record breaker and a player of high worth, Cole was one of the most talismanic players to have played in the UK. During his peak, he plundered goals in left, right and centre, and did it week in and week out.

Andy Cole
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Andy Cole early life and career

Cole was born Andrew Alexander Cole to Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Cole on the 15th of October, 1971. He was born in Nottingham. A son of a middle-class family, his meteoric rise from humble beginning is truly inspiring.

His father Lincoln moved from Jamaica to the United Kingdom in 1957. He then took up the job of a coal miner, and was involved in the profession for two decades. Upon seeing the potential the young Andy showed in football, the family worked tirelessly to get him to pursue his dream. He would repay them many times over in the years to come.

The young boy left school in 1988 and joined Arsenal as a youth player. He was immediately sold to second-division club Bristol City, with whom he made quite the impression. His exploits led to Newcastle United breaking their transfer record to sign him. From then on, English football was never the same again.

Even the Magpies couldn’t predict the impact Cole would have with them. In his opening 12 games, he started off with 12 goals. The hot streak saw Newcastle promoted to the Premier League, and Cole announced himself on the stage, scoring a staggering 34 times in 40 games.

Manchester United bent over backwards to secure his signature, and the transfer attracted a lot of controversy. Despite being at the centre of it, Cole’s goalscoring exploits did not stop.

However, he went through a massive dip in form, and the world thought they would never see the Newcastle Cole ever again. But then he reminded everyone of the age-old saying – form is temporary, class is permanent.

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He returned with a bang and started plundering in the goals again, becoming the most feared frontman in England. If there was a goal to be scored, Cole would score it. His rich vein of form saw him scoop up multiple awards, and the 1998-99 season saw him reach the pinnacle of club football when he became a treble winner.

Cole left Manchester United as an icon and as a club legend. He was approaching the twilight years of his career, and spent time at various clubs. He eventually announced his retirement from football, completing a career of 19 years and establishing himself as one of the greats.

Records were shattered whenever Cole was in the mood. With 187 goals to his name, he is the third-highest goalscorer in Premier League history. Cole is also the player who holds the record for the most goals scored in a 42-game season. He was the fastest player to reach 50 goals, taking only 65 matches to do the deed.

Cole has a trophy cabinet glittering with silverware. With Manchester United, Cole won eight trophies. He has multiple league titles, FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League in his collection.

Andy Cole family members

Cole has a loving and supportive family, and they have helped him become who is today.


Cole’s father is Lincoln Cole. He worked as a coal miner, and worked during weekends as well to ensure his son’s success.


Cole’s mother was a homemaker during his childhood, and raised all her children and ran the family. She ran everything smoothly, and was the backbone of the family.


Cole’s siblings were all very interested in sports, with the player himself speaking about it.

“My sisters were all great at athletics, my brother could play cricket and football, and I could play the majority of sports without a problem,” he said.


Cole is married to Shirley Dawar, having tied the knot in 2002. He was her long-time boyfriend, and has two children with her.



Cole has one son named Devante Cole and a daughter named Faith Cole. His son is a footballer as well.

What is Andy Cole net worth in 2022?

Cole was one of the best players playing in England during his time. His valuation at the time was exemplary, and even today, it is a more than respectable number.

As of 2022, Cole has a net worth of $1.6 million. This is mainly from his footballing career, with his other ventures playing a minor role.

The net worth encompasses the money he earned from football, the assets he owns, and his income from various sources. His earnings have helped him be financially well-settled.

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Expectations of Andy Cole net worth

With such a staggering net worth, everyone will be interested to know about his financial moves and ventures. However, although his fortune is sustainable enough for whoever inherits them, Cole is a reserved man in his personal and professional life after football.

He does not enjoy going to parties and living the good life like some of his former colleagues. Opulence and extravagance is something he doesn’t splash his hard-earned cash on.  

Cole is also a musician. In 1999, he signed for Warner Music and released his own cover ‘Outstanding’. It reached #68 on the Official Charts Company singles chart.

In addition to those ventures, the ex-player is also a keen humanitarian and charity worker. In 2000, he visited Zimbabwe and set up the Andy Cole Children’s Foundation. The aim of the foundation was to aid and assist AIDS orphans in the country.

Even though it was eventually shut down, Cole continued to work tirelessly for the cause. In 2015, he set up the Andy Cole fund to raise funds for Kidney Research UK. He didn’t want his own kidney failure and the pain to be suffered by others.

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