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Taking up a high-profile role calls for experience, competence and reliability. The better you execute said role, the more likely you are to gain financial incentive and other benefits. The nature of such jobs call for perfection of the highest order.

One such job is the one Angela Cullen does. Cullen serves as a trainer, performance coach, physiotherapist and PA, and plays those roles for a certain Lewis Hamilton. It is one of the most significant sporting jobs in the world, and her status and worth have only been elevated working with the seven-time champion.

Angela Cullen
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When was Angela Cullen born?

Cullen was born in Devonport, on the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, on 5 August, 1974. She is currently 47 years old.

Cullen is married to Silas Cullen, a pro cyclist, who currently serves as a Director at Smart Coaching. With him, she has three children – a girl and two boys. She resides at Menthon-Saint-Benard in France with her family.

Early life and career of Angela Cullen

Cullen graduated from Auckland University at AUT, Auckland, with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science, specialising in physiotherapy. She then went off on the standard OE to London.

The New Zealand native worked as a physiotherapist at London’s English Institute of Sports from 2000 to 2006. She was a senior physiotherapist over there, and gained experience in training British sprinters, cyclists and triathletes trying out for the Olympics.

Angela is also a top athlete. She used to play hockey, and has also dabbled in triathlon, cycling and running. She has even represented New Zealand several times.  

“I was born and grew up in New Zealand, famous for outdoor activities,” Cullen said.

“I have always had a passion for all sports – I was hugely competitive and got involved in everything from netball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball, to swimming athletics. If there was a sports team, I wanted to be part of it.

“But it was field hockey that I represented New Zealand in from the ages of 15 to 21. This was my first introduction to high-performance sports and human performance.

“Being hugely competitive I have always loved the challenge of getting the best out of myself which was soon to translate into getting the best out of others.

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“During school, I loved maths, sciences and the practical nature of subjects such as physiology, anatomy and physics, so when I started university a degree in health science and physiotherapy was a natural choice.

“It combined my love of science and my passion for sport and interest in body performance,” she concluded.

Lewis Hamilton heard of her expertise and services, and decided to hire her as his personal trainer. She joined his side in 2016, and assumed the role of physiotherapist, personal trainer and PA.

How much is Angela Cullen net worth and pay?

Naturally, someone playing the role Cullen does on a daily basis, and that too for a superstar like Hamilton, will be having lucrative financial packages. It also escalates her net worth and earnings, and makes her job an attractive proposition.

A career as a physiotherapist may not be the most desired in the world, but Cullen has shown what it is to peak as one. Her job is demanding, yet hugely rewarding both personally and financially. She is where she is due to her hard work and expertise.

According to Intact Earnings, Cullen’s net worth in 2021 is an estimated $15 million. Most of it is down to her role as a physiotherapist and her ever-rising career trajectory. She also earns money from her endorsement deals.  

She earns around £100,000 (approximately $141,000) for her services. Quite a tidy paycheck to be collecting, and given her career and hard work, she is fully deserving of it.

She also has 252k followers on her Instagram account @cullen_angela, and frequently posts work-related and personal things on it.  

You can check out what she’s worth in 2022 by clicking here.

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What should we know about Angela Cullen?

Cullen made a massive jump in her career after joining Hamilton. Her life took a great turn, and Hamilton himself explained what it’s like with Cullen at the helm.

“So Angela and I are naturally incredibly close, Hamilton said, as quoted by

“We pretty much live together and we’re close as friends also. I am very, very lucky to have found Angela because she’s a very special human being.

“So basically when I got to Formula 1 I didn’t have a trainer up until I was in F1 and I was given a trainer. At the time, they’re all called physios. I don’t know how much….I mean a couple of the trainers I had were physios, but they were called the physio for the race weekend.

“It wasn’t until I get back and see Angela, so I was like, ‘why don’t you come on the road with me because I am not training on the race weekends.’

“I actually need a physio that needs my body and what it needs to be as best prepared possibly for a race weekend, and when I am away I can train with whoever.

“Ange is generally with me until 10-11pm every day, and with me from 6-7am every morning. It’s a very, very important role. A very important relationship.

“I don’t think that this year has brought us any closer than any other year because we’re incredibly close as it is, but we love our job. We love doing what we do, we love doing it together.

“I am incredibly grateful to be able to have her on the road with me. I don’t think I could do it without her,” he concluded.

It's a very, very important role"– Lewis Hamilton confesses he wouldn't  have sustained in F1 without Angela Cullen - The SportsRush

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