Antonio Perez Garibay net worth 2023: How much is Sergio Perez’ dad worth and how did he make his wealth?

Antonio Perez, the father of Formula One racing driver Sergio Perez, is a highly successful Mexican businessman and entrepreneur, who has built a vast empire through his investments and leadership in the aviation industry.

Despite facing many challenges and obstacles along the way, Antonio’s hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled him to achieve great success and become one of the most successful businessmen in Mexico.

In this article, we will explore Antonio’s early life, struggles, and his path to success, as well as his relationship with his son, Sergio.

Early life

Antonio Perez Garibay and Sergio Perez. Credit:
Antonio Perez Garibay and Sergio Perez. Credit:

Antonio was born and raised in Mexico and showed an interest in business and finance from a young age.

Despite facing financial difficulties during his childhood, he was determined to succeed and pursued his education with a focus on business and economics.

After completing his studies, he began his career as a financial analyst, working for several large corporations in Mexico.

However, he felt unfulfilled and yearned for something more, leading him to found Grupo Interjet, a low-cost airline that would soon become one of the largest and most successful in Mexico.

Despite facing numerous challenges during the early years of Interjet, Antonio was able to overcome them through his determination and business savvy.

Investments made by Antonio Perez

Antonio Perez Garibay and Sergio Perez. Credit:
Antonio Perez Garibay and Sergio Perez. Credit:

He secured investment from some of the largest corporations in Mexico, and he grew the company from a small regional airline into a major player in the Mexican aviation industry.

In addition to his success with Interjet, Antonio has also made wise investments in other industries, including real estate and technology.

He has also been involved in a number of philanthropic efforts, using his wealth and influence to help those in need and give back to his community.

Antonio Perez’s success on the business front has been matched by the success of his son, Sergio, on the track.

Antonio supported his son Sergio

Antonio Perez Garibay with his family. Credit:
Antonio Perez Garibay with his family. Credit:

Sergio is one of the most successful Mexican drivers in the history of Formula One, and his success on the track has been largely attributed to the support and encouragement he has received from his father, particularly his father’s business acumen and leadership skills.

The relationship between Antonio and Sergio is one of mutual respect and support. Antonio has been a constant source of encouragement and support for his son, and he has helped Sergio to grow and develop as a racer.

Sergio, in turn, has shown immense gratitude and respect for his father, and he has dedicated many of his achievements on the track to his family and loved ones.

Net worth in 2023

Born on June 15, 1959, Antonio Perez Garibay pursued a career in racing after taking it up as a hobby.

However, he left the sport to become the manager of sports car driver Adrian Fernandez before devoting his life to politics.

As an associate of the Mexican government, he is a patriotic figure who strives to put Mexico on the world map.

Garibay leads a private life with his wife Marilú Mendoza de Pérez and their three children, including racing driver Antonio, and two grandkids, Carlota Pérez Martínez and Sergio Pérez Jr.

While avoiding the public eye, Garibay is an active user of social media with over 20,000 Instagram followers.

His net worth is believed to be in the region of $1.5 million, which is an increase on his value in 2022.


In conclusion, Antonio Perez is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur who has built a significant net worth through his investments and leadership in the aviation industry.

His son, Sergio Perez, is one of the top drivers in Formula One, and his success on the track has also helped to add to the family’s overall net worth.

Antonio and Sergio’s relationship is one of mutual respect and support, and their story serves as an inspiration to others who wish to achieve success in their careers and businesses.

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