Antonio Perez Garibay net worth in 2022


Antonio Perez Garibay is a Mexican lawmaker, politician, and former racing driver. He is the father of F1 driver Sergio Perez, who is one of the best on the grid today.

Garibay is most known through his son, but he has done well for himself. He is an employee of the Mexican government, and is an influential person in the country.


Antonio Perez Garibay life and career

Garibay was born on 15 June, 1959. He took up racing as a hobby and eventually as a career, and was a keen racer.

However, the man left racing to focus on a different career path. He became the manager of sports car driver Adrian Fernandez for a while, before ending that association and devoting his entire life to politics. Politics’ call was too much to resist for him, and he took the offer when it knocked on his door.

Currently, Garibay serves as a politician and an associate of the Mexican government. He earns his daily bread from his political career, and is paid by those in power in his home country.

In addition to a political approach, Garibay is a very patriotic person. He tries to get Mexico on the proverbial map whenever and wherever possible. He seems to be the quintessential Mexican man, and has endeared himself as a relatable countryman to those living in Mexico.

The 62-year-old (as of January 2022) has a private family life. He is married to his beautiful wife Marilú Mendoza de Pérez. They have three children – Paola, Antonio and the aforementioned Sergio. Antonio is a racing driver, and has competed in the NASCAR Mexico Series.

The family lives a very private life, away from the cameras and spotlight. He lives with his wife and his grandkids at times. Garibay and Marilu have two grandkids – Carlota Pérez Martínez, and Sergio Pérez Jr.

However, when it comes to social media, Garibay is active. He has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, and is a regular on the app, having posted more than 8,000+ posts on it. His account, if you want a taste of the Mexican and his life, is @aperezgaribay.

Antonio Perez Garibay’s son Sergio Perez

Garibay is the proud father of racing driver Sergio Perez. He has earned a lot of popularity from being his father, which tells you everything you need to know about Checo.

Perez was a late bloomer in F1, having risen to some level of success during his time at Force India. He established himself as a solid midfield contender, and as someone who could get the job done. He then moved into Racing Point, and this was where he well and truly showed the world what he could do.

The Pink Mercedes saw Perez finally have a competitive car. He put it to good use, securing podiums and great results. One of those races was a tear-jerker for his fans, as he achieved his first win in F1 after a decade in the sport in some style, at a time when his career was on the line.


A tearful Perez basked in what he had done. Having dreamed of this moment since his childhood, it finally happened in the most incredible way, as he completed a full passing of the grid to finish first from plum last. If we were going to say goodbye to him before the Sakhir GP, every God there is made sure that wouldn’t be the case.

Perez’s valiant and never-say-die spirit earned him the biggest move of his career, as he joined Red Bull in 2021. He has been the best second driver the team has had in a long time, and performed well enough to earn a second seat with the Milton-Keynes outfit.

Six races into his new stint, Perez took victory in a staggering Azerbaijan GP. Having initially been a lock-in for third place, he took advantage of those in front losing out, and crossed the line after a restart ahead of the rest. That made him a two-time race winner, which he still is today.

Source: Reuters

Perez’s biggest supporter is Garibay. From his childhood, his father has been instrumental in helping him achieve his dream. He attends most of his races, and the one he attended this year in Mexico was the stuff of legend.

There wasn’t a more hype man on the paddock that Garibay, who was ecstatic to see his son take P3 in front of a loud Mexican crowd.

What is Antonio Perez Garibay’s net worth in 2022?

Lawmaker, racer, politician, there aren’t many roles Garibay can’t play. He is also the father of a very famous racing driver, so his stock and worth is pretty high.

Garibay’s net worth is around $1 million, with most of his assets and his job constituting it. His political history may also have played a part, but because many details of it remain a mystery, that may not be the case.

Check his net worth in 2023 by clicking here.

In any case, Garibay is a rich man who has made and earned his fortune. His son has assets worth north of $30 million in 2021, so it’s smiles all around for him.

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