Aston Martin finds solace in similarity with leading team – “Gives us hope”

Racing Point, rebranded as Aston Martin this season, was a primary candidate for the top 3 position. However, they missed the P3 spot to McLaren by a difference of mere 7 points at Abu Dhabi.

Racing Point became famous for creating the ‘Pink Mercedes’ which was based on the 2019 Mercedes car.

When it comes to aerodynamics, Aston Martin’s philosophy is similar to the Brackley squad this season as well. To cap it all, the new regulations have had a significant impact on both Aston Martin and Mercedes.

The British team’s boss, Otmar Szafnauer explained that they can learn a lot from Mercedes’ performance at Bahrain.

“I think for sure we have to look and see what type of lap times they are able to do. We have the same powertrain, the same gearbox, same rear suspension so if they are able to do some of those lap times, we should be able to get close – so that gives us some hope.”

Aston Martin is expected to receive some midfield competition from Ferrari and McLaren. Ferrari suffered a major power unit problem during the last season which opened up the spot for P3. This was claimed by McLaren who took advantage of Ferrari’s troubles.

Speaking about the close competition, Otmar also said, “I think a lot of the teams are a lot closer to Mercedes this year than they were last year, including Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

“I mean if you look back to see where Ferrari were three months ago and where they are now to Mercedes – just have a look at the lap times and that will give you a picture.”

Aston Martin are hoping for a top 3 finish especially after signing Sebastian Vettel. However, they only managed to score one point after the first race.

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