Aston Martin plan strong recruitment drive to establish stronghold – “Going to hire plenty”

Aston Martin, previously known as Racing Point, made their way on the Formula 1 grid in 2021 thanks to part-owner Lawrence Stroll.

Before Stroll took over, the outfit was called a whole array of names including Force India, Spyker, Midland, and Jordan.

When they were known as Force India, they often had budget mismanagement problems which led to their funding drying up.

However, ever since Stroll took over, the outfit has a new wind tunnel and a new factory is currently in the works.

Team boss Otmar Szafnauer also mentioned that the current taskforce of 535 will be increased to 800.

Sebastian Vettel working a pitstop with Aston Martin team; Source:

What did Szafnauer say?

“We’ve added significantly the amount of people we have since we were Force India,” he told reporters at the Azerbaijan GP.

“The new factory is on track, we have started building already, and it’s a big, big program to recruit even further.

“We are at about 535 people now and we will get to about the region of 800 or whatever the right size is under the cost cap.

“We are strategically working on that now and trying to recruit like-minded individuals that want to come work for Aston Martin Racing and go racing at the highest level.

“The recruitment process is going well,” he stated.

‘Vettel changed how we do things’

Otmar Szafnauer; Source:

One key step that was taken by Aston Martin was hiring four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Szafnauer explained that even though Lance Stroll is no longer a rookie, Vettel’s arrival has influenced how the team operates.

“Lance isn’t a rookie, he’s been with us for a while now and there’s a good dynamic between Lance and Sebastian,” he affirmed.

“Sebastian does have more experience and the way we go about debriefs now has changed a bit.

“Sebastian has expanded the way we do things, not just Lance but the entire team have embraced that,” he concluded.

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