Aston Martin to follow example of Jaguar, Honda with green livery

Racing Point is set to function under the name of Aston Martin. Not only will the name change, but so will the livery. As a result, we can expect the car to have a completely different appearance in the upcoming season.

The pink colour has been abandoned, with Racing Point having used it since the 2017 season. This had started following BWT becoming the team’s major sponsor.

However, there have been plenty of teasers on social media that suggest that Aston Martin will sport green livery.

This is a colour that is not often seen in Formula 1 cars. Caterham was the last team to sport this colour, between 2012 and 2014.

Usually, green has only been used by teams as a secondary colour.

Teams such as Jaguar (before it became Red Bull), Honda and Lotus are the only teams to use green livery in the last two decades.

That trend is expected to change when Aston Martin joins the fold. We will still need to wait a little while longer to see the official car.

GP Blog posted a series of photos of cars that have used green livery in the past.

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