“Been given the heads-up”: Coulthard reveals Bottas already told to pack his bags at Mercedes

According to Ex-F1 racer David Coulthard, it may seem that Valtteri Bottas has already been informed of his fate in Mercedes.

Considering his actions in Barcelona, there might be a possibility that the Silver Arrows might not be keeping him for the upcoming season.

Looking back at the Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull driver and title rival Max Verstappen took the lead from Hamilton right at the start.

David Coulthard. Source: planetf1.com

Hamilton enduring a tough time

This led the Brit to stay in touch throughout the race as making a pass was not easy at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

As a result, Mercedes decided to pit Hamilton a second time which basically changed the entire game. An advantage of tyre life was what that ultimately broke Verstappen’s defense.

While the plan worked, Hamilton encountered hindrance from teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. Source: thesportsrush.com

Mercedes claimed that Hamilton not having the DRS made overtaking a lot trickier. However, the Finn has revealed that he did not let Hamilton pass on purpose.

Bottas claimed that he was having a race of his own and is not here to let people drive by him.

2021 to be Bottas’ last with Mercedes?

By the end of 2021, Bottas’ contract will be up. Coulthard seems to think that the Finn has already been told of his fate with the outfit; hence his actions.

“I wonder if he’s actually been given the heads-up that maybe the contract won’t be getting renewed,” said Coulthard as part of the On The Marbles podcast.

“It’s possible. When I left McLaren they told me in June, which was when the French Grand Prix used to be, a year before my contract ran out.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has even revealed that he is not much concerned about Bottas’ mental state.

Toto Wolff. Source: f1insider.com

Red Bull is playing a difficult game for Mercedes at the moment and the mid-field pack is moving closer to the front.

Bottas can no longer play it safe considering he does not have the ‘Mercedes advantage’ as he used to earlier. The Finn has also spent a significant amount of time battling the mid-field pack on several occasions.

What did Red Bull’s Mark Webber say?

“He looks in trouble in traffic, so he’s not at the front,” said former Red Bull driver Mark Webber.

“We know he can put a lap together, it’s just this whole thing of fighting back. He got lapped at Imola halfway through, racing in those greasy conditions.

“I got my arse kicked several times but never got lapped halfway through a race, so for any driver in a world championship car that’s a tough afternoon.

“He will internally know he is missing the target often at the moment on Sundays. Saturdays fine, but the points are rolled out on Sunday afternoon.”

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