Bellator 258 results: ‘The showstopper’ makes a mark by trouncing the elder ‘Pitbull brothers’

Peter Queally took the winning bout off Patricky Freire’s feet with a takedown despite the latter dominating the match. He was able to overcome his opponent in Round 2.

In the beginning, Freire threw down Queally on the octagon canvas. But, Queally was resilient enough to throw three elbow strikes.

Even though the first two did not make any difference, the third one, however, changed the game as it sliced Freire open and started bleeding all over. The wound kept bleeding despite the treatment. This led the physician to call off the fight.

This disappointed Freire, brother of Bellator lightweight and featherweight champion Patricio Freire.

Queally, a long-time training partner of Conor McGregor, was quite elated and said that he should be in line for a lightweight title. 

In the initial match, Queally threw some great kicks and punches while Freire defended himself and fired back. Freire, too, threw kicks towards Queally’s strong leg.

 (Photos courtesy of Lucas Noonan, Bellator)

With around 45 seconds remaining to the game, Freire gave a pinning back elbow and took down Queally successfully. In the process, he did receive a lot of punches and elbows while he tried to hold down Queally.

Freire showed up some of his best combinations so far in the midway. But, this did not stop Queally as he threw a dozen more punches to continue scoring. He finally landed his match-winning elbow as the Brazilian went for another takedown.

 (Photos courtesy of Lucas Noonan, Bellator)

Even though the cutman was called up in the middle and treated, the Brazilian kept bleeding over the Irishman. The doctor had to finally intervene in the match and declare a TKO win for Queally.

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