Bernie Ecclestone stepped in to hand Sebastian Vettel an F1 seat for 2021 – “Never treated the right way”

Bernie Ecclestone and Sebastian Vettel have been associated with Formula 1 for a while and can be considered among the top luminaries.

The father of F1 shares a nifty bond with Sebastian Vettel and claims to be the reason why the German is still in the sport.

Ecclestone gave the four-time world champion a place at Aston Martin after he was shown the door by Ferrari.

Vettel was not happy at Ferrari

Ecclestone spoke about Vettel’s tenure with Ferrari and revealed that the German was unhappy there.

“He was never treated the way he deserved,” he said.

Vettel’s one-sided love affair with the Italian team was lacking compassion and support from his team’s end and it was clear during races.

Why Vettel quit Ferrari

Ferrari dropped the ball on Vettel after formulating a younger team with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

There have been reports that Vettel was unhappy with the terms of his contract which resulted in him seeking out alternate possibilities.

After Leclerc joined, there were many squabbles both on and off-track which have brought Vettel to his limit.

As a result, his leaving Ferrari was caused by a series of unfortunate events.

Ecclestone and Aston Martin

After looking back on the dynamic between the Scuderia and Vettel, Ecclestone tried his best to provide the latter a spot in a team.

“I tried in the background to keep him in Formula 1 and get him into a good team…. I just wanted him to be happy again,” he stated.

The 90-year-old had to pull some strings and managed to get the German a spot at Aston Martin.

Vettel for Aston Martin

Lawrence Stroll’s team earned their first podium after Vettel earned a second-place podium finish at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Following the race, Ecclestone is said to have sent Vettel a text message: ‘It looks like you are slowly becoming the same again’.

For now, Vettel seems to have found his mojo after getting used to his machine.

He has been driving great and even earned point finishes in a few races.

We can only wait for Vettel to climb the podium once again.

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