Binotto warns Ferrari about consequences if they don’t win in 2022 – “There is no magic wand”

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has warned Ferrari about the consequences that await them if they don’t win in 2022.

Ferrari is having a good season after a terrible one last year. They sit third in the Constructor’s Championship, slightly ahead of rivals McLaren. But Binotto believes that the team’s make or break season will be the next one in 2022. He thinks Ferrari should go all guns blazing next year and reach the top of the sport again.

Binotto mentioned how important the next season will be for the Prancing Horse, and warned Ferrari of the consequences if they did not succeed.

We simply need to do better"- Mattia Binotto rumoured to be sacked by  Ferrari | The SportsRush
Mattia Binotto (pictured) has warned Ferrari of consequences should they not win in 2022. Source:

“If we were not competitive, it would mean that we did not work in the right way, so we should do an analysis to understand what was missing for the definitive leap,” Binotto said.

“I am convinced that stability is a fundamental element. There has not been a team in Formula 1 that has won after a period of instability.

“This does not mean that we should not change, but it means creating a group with stable foundations and enriching it with external resources where it is deemed necessary to do so. If we fail to achieve our goals, it will be important to understand immediately what mistakes have been made and correct them quickly.” 

“We must continue to improve by pushing in this direction. In Formula 1, there is no magic wand, we have to work well in all areas: chassis, aerodynamics, engine, strategy, driver integration,” he concluded.

All or nothing

Ferrari hasn’t come close to dominating F1 as their illustrious history suggests in recent years. The closest they came to doing that was in 2017 and 2018. However, they lost out to Mercedes, and have bottomed out since then.

This season, they are enjoying a mini-resurgence, but they are no Mercedes or Red Bull. If Ferrari cannot do as well as Binotto and their fans hope, it could be a disaster.

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