Tyson Fury refuses to take path already trodden on by sport’s elite – “I’ll say this to you…”

Tyson Fury provides one of the most compelling stories in the world of sport.

The boxing legend, who openly pondered suicide twice before becoming a two-time world champion, is one of Britain’s most talented athletes.

However, he is not keen on going down the same route as a number of other illustrious personalities have taken.

Fury has a questionable past in terms of his personal life, but many have been willing to overlook these failings in recognition of his achievements inside the ring.

‘The Gypsy King’ has been open about topics such as depression and other mental health problems, but with his phenomenal success as a boxer, former England and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney believes he deserves to be knighted.

For Fury, though, it is not really on his agenda as he does not want to take a path that has already been trodden on by so many in the past.

“A few sportspeople have it [a knighthood],” Fury said.

“Sir Mo Farah, Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Lewis Hamilton, Sir Andy Murray. Well if all them people have had it, then I’d like something that no one else has had, especially a sportsperson.

“I’m a normal man but a limited edition, so I’d like something different. Maybe King Charles could make me the Emperor of the North of England!”

While Game of Thrones fans will point to the fact that ‘Emperor of the North’ is no new term, it is still unused in reality.

Fury has often been touted as the best heavyweight boxer of his generation and among the all-time greats.

It would, therefore, not be absurd to offer him a knighthood based on his achievements in the world of sport.

However, Fury has made plenty of questionable comments in the past.

The boxing legend openly denounced homosexuality and abortion, an opinion that greatly divided the public.

He even called transgender people as “freaks of nature”.

While he did apologise for these insensitive remarks in the past, they are unlikely ever to be forgotten.

For Rooney, the biggest difference between Fury and other boxing champions is the mentality he fights with and the entertainment factor he brings into the sport.

His tussles against Deontay Wilder will surely be remembered as one of the most celebrated rivalries the sport has seen.

His 2015 triumph over Wladimir Klitschko is arguably his greatest achievement inside the ring.

Although his comments on homosexuality and transgender people were not welcome, the fact that Fury has been so open with regard to his mental health problems has been recognised.

It takes a great deal of courage from even the greatest sportspersons to accept weakness and it has led to plenty of positivity among his supporters.

Fury has spoken about how his words have inspired fans to turn their backs on potential thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

“I’ll say this to you,” Fury said during one appearance.

“I mean this, honestly. Going out on a Saturday night and getting paid to punch someone’s face in, winning and entertaining the crowd is one thing. That’s good.

“But saving somebody’s life – that can’t be bought.”

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