Breaking records, building legacy not the primary focus on Hamilton’s mind in decision to stay in F1

Lewis Hamilton had signed a late one-season deal with Mercedes which led to speculations about whether he will continue in the sport post the ongoing campaign. However, the Brit has revealed that he will most likely continue after 2021.

Currently, Red Bull is seeking to dominate the grid. This, coupled with the thrill of an on-track fight and his growing role as an ambassador for equality, seems to be responsible for Hamilton’s decision.

“I am enjoying this battle that we’re having, it’s been more exciting, even more of a challenge,” said Hamilton.

“I continue to love working with this team and it’s encouraging to see the steps that we are really making towards a more positive and more diverse [sport].

“I think they have already announced one of the initiatives we have within our organisation and we still have a lot of work to do as a sport. There are still many teams that continue to stay silent, so far as not being held accountable.

“There is still a lot of work to do with this sport and I know that being here I have more of a chance of helping to change that than not. I don’t know how long I will stay though, we’ll see.”

Hamilton began his journey in F1 back in 2007 when he narrowly missed out on winning the world championship with McLaren. Following his move to Mercedes in 2013, he has dominated the sport, winning the championship in six of the last seven seasons.

With Max Verstappen and Red Bull closing in on him, he has never been under so much pressure to protect his throne.

On Tuesday, Hamilton volunteered to test out the new rubber for Pirelli at Portimão ahead of the race this weekend. While talking about the experience, he let slip his desire to continue in the sport.

“I don’t ever volunteer for test days and that’s probably one of the first ones that I have volunteered for. I immediately regretted it when I woke up in the morning. I was like ‘Damn it!’

“But honestly, it’s a really great track to test at so I enjoyed the day. I plan to be here next year and I want to help Pirelli.

“I think all the drivers have wished for more performance tyres moving forward. I think it was a good test. Obviously it was the first step of the tyres, but a definitely wasn’t a bad place to start.”

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