BREAKING: Sergio Perez’ family survive murder attempt; Bodyguard seriously injured

There are reports coming in from Mexico where allegedly, a shooting has occurred in Sergio Perez‘s house. This incident left one guard seriously injured who was assigned to protect the Perez family.

This seems like a case of an attempted kidnapping, robbery, or a murder attempt.

For the moment there are only flying reports about this, but it seems like Checo Perez’s family managed to make it out safe in his hometown of Guadalajara.

The attack took place in the Ladrón de Guevara neighborhood on Mexico Avenue.

A bodyguard who was responsible for the family’s security has been reported to be severely injured.

The event took place in the early hours of the morning and thus reports are scant. But if this scenario is true, then the family managed to get out of a failed attempt on their lives.

It is not an unknown fact that the cartel often kidnaps the rich living in Mexico.

Sergio Perez. SOurce:

The area where the incident took place is a known turf of the Cartel who have managed to grip the city little by little.

This incident could hamper Sergio Perez’s race who is prepping for his qualifying run at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Perez struggles in qualifying

Perez failed to perform during qualifying in Monaco and had to settle for P9 despite seeing teammate Max Verstappen in P2.

“We seemed to go backwards,” Perez said. 

“We didn’t make the progress we hoped or expected to. I was struggling a lot with the dropping temperatures so we changed our approach going into the final session and it just made it worse, and then on my final Q3 run I got traffic.” 

He did not mention anything about the incident that has reported to have taken place at his house.

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