Button credits ‘naturally gifted’ Verstappen but explains what he lacks compared to GOAT Hamilton

Former F1 world champion Jenson Button believes Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is the most naturally gifted driver he has ever seen, but still feels Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is the best in the sport.

Button praised Verstappen’s immense natural ability and credited his family’s racing history as playing a pivotal role in his growth as an F1 driver.

However, he argued that Hamilton’s immense experience in the higher echelons of the sport makes him the best driver to ever race in the sport.

Button, who had partnered Hamilton at McLaren between 2010 and 2012, was quizzed about the most naturally gifted driver he had seen.

“Max. It’s just natural, isn’t it,” he said.

Button has competed against both of Max’s parents in his younger days.

“When you look at Max’s parents, his dad raced in F1. I raced against his dad and my first points finish was in Brazil, in my second race. To get that point, I had to overtake his dad, Jos,” Button said.

“You didn’t want to get him upset. There was a little bit of aggression there. He was an amazing talent, one of the best kart drivers ever, and still probably to this day.

“And his mother, Sophie, I was teammates with in karting. She was a professional and one of the best in the world, so it’s definitely in the blood.”

Hamilton is the best Button has ever seen

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: autoweek.com

However, Button doesn’t believe that makes Max the best driver he has ever seen.

“Naturally gifted? Yes. Is he the best? I don’t know if he’s the best driver that has ever lived or [even] the best in F1 now,” Button said.

“When you look at Lewis, you think he is a much more complete racing driver with a lot more experience, maybe that’s why.

“He [Verstappen] has got to work hard. Even if you think you’re the best, there’s still more you can do to be better. That is where Michael Schumacher was so strong.”

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