“Can’t believe it”: When Michael Schumacher was accused of cheating his way to Monaco GP win

Back in 2006, Michael Schumacher wore his overalls that donned a special livery for the Monaco Grand Prix. Having won five times on the streets of Monaco, the German was set in his ways to win for the sixth time.

2006 Monaco GP. Source: essentiallysports.com

However, Schumacher was not new to using any advantage possible to get what he wanted – in this case, a pole position.

During qualifying, the Ferrari driver was fast and managed to set the best time. But, he was not very confident as other drivers behind him were on route to overtake his time – mainly title rival Fernando Alonso.

What did Schumacher do?

To counter the other drivers, Schumacher came up with a plan.

At the final hairpin of the circuit, Rascasse, the German used his brakes and went right for the walls. He managed to stop just in time to avoid taking any damage to his car.

Immediately, yellow flags were waved that meant everyone behind him had to slow down, which ended their hopes of taking the pole from him.

Yellow flags being waved. Source: planetf1.com

Schumacher thought that he had pulled off a great trick to claim his pole.

Eyebrows were raised on Schumacher’s driving

People began to question if this move was intentional or not considering someone as talented as Schumacher was unlikely to make such a mistake.

The German, however, defended himself saying that his last lap was “just a touch too much”.

Michael Schumacher. Source: wikipedia.org

While the stewards announced that they will be investigating the matter, many spoke against the Ferrari driver – including former rival and 1997 F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve.

“There’s no way you could make a mistake like that,” said the Canadian, who had collided with Schumacher at the final race of the 1997 season.

“I hope it was deliberate, because if you can make a mistake like that, you shouldn’t drive a race car.”

The stewards had made their decision

Finally, the stewards were not convinced by the explanation given by the German. They not only took away his pole position but sent him to the back of the grid. Alonso was then promoted to P1.

The Spaniard then took the victory and the 2006 title while the German finished fifth.

His then Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa revealed what exactly happened.

What did Massa say?

“We had a meeting with the team, we were talking about the qualifying,” the Brazilian told Sky Sports’ F1 documentary ‘The Race to Perfection’.

Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher. Source: thesportsrush.com

“Then you had two sets of tyres for the qualifying. And Michael said something: ‘Yeah but I mean if we are quicker straight away and then we go in for the second set…’.

“And Ross Brawn said: ‘Maybe we can create a yellow flag’. And I said: ‘For fun. Not seriously, for fun. It happens exactly that [way]. So Michael used that funny thing for him to do.

“I remember [after] that meeting I said ‘I can’t believe he did it. He did it. And then the only thing is he was not able to say that he did it. It took one year for him to tell me that he did it on purpose. One year. I said ‘how can you do that?’ It shows that everybody makes mistakes in life and this was, definitely.” he concluded.

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