Carlos Sainz loses his cool with Nikita Mazepin and hurls volley of abuses – “F*** this guy”

It did not take long for Nikita Mazepin to become a hindrance on track once again, this time for Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz.

Apparently, Sainz was having a focused hot lap but ended up encountering Mazepin in the form of traffic.

This led the Spaniard to become furious as he was having a good run and was forced to back down.

He exclaimed on the radio, “Instead of finishing the lap, I’m getting out of the way. He needs to do Turn 1 in front of you. F*** this guy”.

Carlos Sainz. Source:

Mazepin refuses to take the blame

On one hand, Sainz was pretty upset with Mazepin. However, the Russian was angry on his own accord.

“Yeah, Sainz… What’s he doing man? He f***ed my lap and then he expects me to help him,” he said.

This is not the first time that the Haas driver has upset his rivals. On a number of occasions, drivers have found themselves stuck behind the Russian.

For instance, Sergio Perez is no stranger to driving behind Mazepin and was never impressed by his antics.

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Will Mazepin ever learn?

Mazepin has a history of becoming a hindrance for other drivers.

However, the Russian is very much aware that he cannot afford to collect penalty points as that could lead to a one-race ban for him. All he can do is try and stay out of everyone’s way.

Meanwhile, Ferrari will be looking to compete against their rivals Red Bull while Mercedes still struggle.

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