Carlos Sainz reveals previously unknown details about his father – “He was very demanding”

Carlos Sainz has revealed that he had immense pressure from his father to be the best. That is what shaped who he is today.

It is a difficult task to be the son of a driver who had an excellent career in motorsports.

Drivers like Mick Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, and Carlos Sainz are living examples.

Carlos Sainz Sr was a reputed rally car driver and managed to add to his name during his glory days.

Sainz Jr adds that his father’s reputation has created his entire personality.

Carlos Sainz Jr winning second place in Monaco; Source:

Pressure due to surname

“He was very hard on myself, I’m not going to lie. He was very demanding, but the pressure itself came also on its own with the surname I have,” Sainz Jr stated.

“When I was a little kid, 11 years old, I was going to all these go-kart races and there was always this chit-chat about ‘the son of Carlos Sainz is here, let’s see how he does, get the stopwatch out, see if my kid is quicker than Carlos Sainz Jnr’.

“So I had this added pressure that made me a bit more shy, a bit more ‘I don’t know why everyone’s looking at me’ and maybe that also helped to prepare me for later in my career,” he concluded.

Performance so far in 2021

Carlos Sainz Jr with his father; Source:

The 26-year-old joined Ferrari for the 2021 season and has managed to score some important points for the team.

His performance in Monaco is noteworthy where he scored a second-place podium finish.

At the moment Sainz is on the seventh spot with 42 points under his belt while his team is in third place with 94 points.

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