Carlos Sainz Sr. consciously stepping away from son’s races – “He has to find his own path”

Former world rally champion Carlos Sainz Sr. was once a regular figure present on the paddock as support for his son Carlos Sainz Jr.

However, he recently revealed that his son no longer needs him around presenting advice.

Even though the young Sainz is just 25-years-old, he is already a veteran of 129 Grand Prix races and has four podiums under his belt.

With his son finally holding his ground, Sainz Sr. is consciously stepping away. This has additionally accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic as travel around the world became restricted.

What did Sainz Sr. say?

“I always knew that with the passage of time I was going to attend less and less races, as has happened since he got to Formula 1,” he told last week.

“Every year I came to fewer races. Last year I did not go anywhere with COVID. I think this year I have gone to two or three races.

“He knows what he has to do, and it is his life, his challenge, his passion. He has to make his own way,” he added.

Father and son still bond everyday

Even though his father is not present trackside, it does not mean that the two of them don’t talk.

“He knows my phone number. Obviously, we talk basically every day at the end of the day,” he confirmed.

“But my presence is not necessary, and if I come, it is only for the pleasure of being there and observing,” he mentioned.

Sainz Jr. missed out on a podium celebration at the last race in Hungary. However, he was promoted to P3 following Sebastian Vettel‘s disqualification.

“I am happy for him, proud that he is doing well,” Sainz Sr. said.

Sainz Jr. in 2021

In the current season, there were fears that Sainz would be overwhelmed by his teammate Charles Leclerc. However, the two drivers have matched evenly.

Sainz Jr. is three points ahead of his teammate.

“I was sure he had the ability to adapt quickly to the car, but obviously Leclerc’s challenge – Charles is a very fast driver,” Sainz Sr. acknowledged.

“Carlos and Charles are working very well, they are putting pressure on each other.

“For now, what I see from the outside is all positive. [Carlos is happy]: of course he is still waiting for a perfect weekend, as he said, but it will come.

“He has gone step by step. The good thing about him is that he is improving every year, every time he learns, he tries hard,” he explained.

2022 to bring new opportunities

Sainz Sr. has also talked about the new regulations that are going to be introduced in the 2022 season.

“Next year’s regulations are going to be different, so the drivers will have to adapt to a completely new way of driving Formula 1 cars,” he pointed out.

“It is going to be a huge challenge.

“The difference is that, of course, [he] will know the team much better than this year, all the engineers, how they work,” he concluded.

Can Carlos challenge the top drivers on the grid? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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