Carlos Sainz tried his best to help Fernando Alonso beat Lewis Hamilton in Hungary – “Did consider it”

Carlos Sainz has admitted his desire to help Fernando Alonso beat Lewis Hamilton at the Hungarian GP.

The last stretch of the race saw Sainz in third, with Alonso behind him. A much faster Hamilton was charging at the pair from fifth place, and it was concerning for the Spaniard.

The Ferrari driver has admitted that he desired to help his countryman engage his DRS to keep Hamilton pinned behind him.

During the closing stages of the race at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz was fighting for the last position on the podium. The Spaniard was ahead of his fellow compatriot, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton.

I'm showing the Carlos I want to be at Ferrari' – Sainz pleased with P10 to  P5 drive after bold tyre choice | Formula 1®
Carlos Sainz (pictured) had to make some decisions in the thick of the Hungarian GP. Source:

After the race, Carlos Sainz revealed he considered helping his compatriot with DRS to give the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton a hard time in the final stages at Budapest.

“Yes, of course, I did consider it. Obviously, we are racers, and we are considering every kind of scenario to stay ahead,” Sainz said.

“What you guys probably don’t know is that I was having to do a lot of fuel-saving. I was also quite weak in the last corner because I was struggling a bit with the tires towards the end,” he explained.

Different choice

However, Sainz decided to play it safe and create space between himself and Alonso. He anticipated Hamilton overtaking Alonso, and he wanted to be ahead enough to preserve his podium place.

“We will never know if I took the right choice, but thinking about it at the time, my feeling was to play safe and tried to pull away from Fernando to make sure that I tried to do all the fuel-saving and Lewis would take more time to catch me,” Sainz said.

However, Hamilton ended up overtaking both Alonso and Sainz. Sainz had to settle for a P4 finish, a result later bumped up to P3 following Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification. However, a podium is a podium, and Sainz will be pleased with it. Whether he decided to help Alonso or not, Hamilton might have overtaken anyway.

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