Friday, September 24, 2021
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FPL: Best picks from each team

It’s FPL season, and team drafts are being made, deleted, made again and torn up in the days leading up to it. With less than ten days to go until GW1, everybody wants the best possible players and team...

P. V. Sindhu: Age, height, weight and biography of the badminton maestro

There are some people who pave the way for others. These maestros excel at a particular thing and inspire others to do the same. One such sports personality is P. V. Sindhu, the badminton queen hailing from India. Decorated Sindhu is...

Ibracadabra – A look into the decorated career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Every sport needs someone to provide the box office and thrills. Or at least, someone who is outspoken and talks a big game. UFC has Conor McGregor, NBA has Draymond Green and Formula 1 has Nikita Mazepin (sigh). In...
Pierre Gasly

Why are so many F1 drivers getting Covid-19?

Pierre Gasly became the sixth Formula 1 driver to test positive for COVID-19 while in a training camp in Dubai. However, this news hardly came as a surprise to the F1 community. Gasly communicated the news to his fans...