Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was frustrated with what happened at the Hungarian GP, calling it a “bowling game” on Twitter.

In what was the most dramatic race since the Baku, Lap 1 of the Hungarian GP saw many cars spin out and some retire. Mistakes by Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll set off a chain reaction of collisions. Leclerc was among those who were forced to retire.

This wasn’t the first time Leclerc failed to finish a race, and it was even more disappointing given his stellar finish at Silverstone. He was frustrated with what had happened, and took to Twitter to express his feelings.

Leclerc tweeted, “Nice bowling game. So frustrating.”


The Ferrari driver also expressed his annoyance with Aston Martin’s Stroll for his rash driving. Stroll’s poor decision-making cost him the race. Leclerc also voiced his helplessness at being able to prevent anything that happened.

“I don’t know what to say. I mean, in most of the incidents, I can understand whenever there are different views about incidents, but I think today, I think is very clear,” he said.

Leclerc also explained what happened in the race. He said, “I was in my corner and Lance drove into me in the middle of the corner, coming out from nowhere. So it’s hugely frustrating because I know it was an opportunity today.

“I went quite easy at the beginning just trying to stay in my position and make our own race later on. And to finish like this is just s**t,” a frustrated Leclerc concluded.

Leclerc has every right to be upset, because he was one of the most backed drivers to do well. It ended up in frustration and disappointment, but it will be a minor setback for him. With Spa next, Leclerc will look to regroup and get back in the thick of things.

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