Charles Leclerc earned his first podium of the season during the British Grand Prix race in Silverstone despite losing out on the lead.

The Monegasque was able to maintain his lead for almost 50 laps of the race. However, towards the very end, he lost it to Lewis Hamilton who went on to claim the first spot.

During the race, the Ferrari driver faced a series of engine problems which ended up hampering his race.

Leclerc was expecting his race to end

After a disastrous French Grand Prix last month, Leclerc was in top form throughout the race weekend in Silverstone.

During the sprint qualifying, he secured the P4 spot from which he started the race on Sunday.

Following the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the Ferrari driver was able to sneak past the Brit just before red flags were deployed.

After the restart, the 23-year-old maintained his lead with the help of his medium tyres. However, he faced significant engine issues during the race which he expressed over the team radio.

“I was really on it every lap,” he stated.

“So I don’t think there is one lap where I did a big mistake – and especially in the first stint with problems we had with the engine, I thought my race was over.”

Situation was soon under control

Leclerc’s race engineer instructed him to make several adjustments on his machine and the situation was soon under control.

“I had quite a lot of things to do on the steering wheel but yeah, I think we managed the situation very, very well and we managed to diminish these engine cuts for the rest of the race,” he added.

Even with those issues, the Ferrari driver came incredibly close to claiming Ferrari’s first race win since the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix.

However, Hamilton’s Mercedes was a tad bit too fast for him and towards the end of the race, Leclerc lost the lead.

As a result, he had to settle for P2, still, a podium win.

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