Christian Horner affirms Red Bull win in France proves they were always compliant with rules

According to Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, the team’s victory at the French Grand Prix just goes to show that they had never broken any rules that they were accused of.

Before the race in France, Mercedes had accused Red Bull of plying an illegal rear wing on their car which they claimed was giving the team an unfair advantage.

Additionally, Pirelli went on to suggest that Max Verstappen‘s tyre blowout during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was due to insufficient pressure levels that they were using.

As a result, the FIA introduced technical directives related to the rear wing and one for the tyre pressure.

Even after all these, Red Bull managed to claim victory in France after Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton towards the end of the race.

What did Horner say?

“I think it just shows that – you know, a lot of comments have been made over the last few weeks with accusations, but we’ve complied with the rules,” Horner stated.

“And the way that we’ve reacted, I think, again, shows the strength and depth that our performance isn’t based on rear wing flexibility.

“All times we’ve always followed the prescriptions from Pirelli. And, obviously, the increase in tyre pressure this weekend was challenging for all the teams.

But again, the engineering team has done a great job in optimizing the car around it.”

Christian Horner; Source:

Mercedes front wing to be tested soon

After Red Bull’s rear wing came into the spotlight, the outfit pointed out that Mercedes’ front wing needs to be investigated too.

They have asked the FIA to look into the matter.

“The FIA is on it,” Red Bull’s advisor, Dr Helmut Marko said.

“There is enough footage. We expect it to be similar to the rear wing [new tests]. But we wait to see what the FIA will say.”

‘It was payback’

Toto Wolff talking to Christian Horner; Source:

After the race in France, Horner had a conversation with Toto Wolff and Nico Rosberg where he mentioned that this was payback.

“Yeah, it’s payback basically,” he said.

“Today was payback for Barcelona and he [Toto] gets the front wing in a couple of weeks as well.”

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