Lewis Hamilton was awarded a 10-second time penalty during the British Grand Prix. However, he still managed to win the race.

This comes after Hamilton pushed Red Bull driver Max Verstappen into the barriers at high speed, thus ending his race.

However, after the race, the Brit took the opportunity to point fingers at the Dutchman for his aggressive driving in Silverstone.

Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner stated that calling Verstappen an over-aggressive driver is borderline absurd.

Moreover, Horner also reveals that Verstappen is one among the only three drivers who have no penalty points this season.

What did Horner say?

“You only have to look at the fact Max has zero penalty points on his license and has not been found guilty of any on-track misjudgments in recent years,” Horner stated.

“The aggressive 17-year-old F1 rookie Max Verstappen that Hamilton is referring to is not the Max Verstappen of today, just as Hamilton is not the same driver he was when he entered the sport.

“Both drivers are of course uncompromising in their driving style, but they are both highly skilled drivers with a great deal of experience,” he added.

Cost to fix Verstappen’s car – 1.8 Million Euros

When the two drivers collided, Max was sent crashing into the barriers at a high speed. He endured a massive 51G impact.

While he was okay, just a bit shaken up, his car was trashed beyond recognition.

“Given the severity of the incident and the lenient penalty, we are reviewing all data and have the right to request a review. We are therefore still looking at the evidence and considering all of our sporting options,” said Christian Horner.

“The other significant factor is the cost-cap element of this. That crash has cost us approximately $1.8million and an accident like that has massive ramifications in a budget cap era,” he concluded.

Even though Verstappen was unable to add any points to his bag, he is still in the lead in the driver’s standings.

He will be looking to increase the gap between himself and Lewis at the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.

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