Chuck Lidell not interested in fighting Jake Paul – “He’s just not good enough”

Chuck Liddell has revealed why he does not want to fight YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Liddell is one of the most well-known fighters to emerge from the UFC’s early glory days. From his numerous knockout victories to his title victories and appearances in mainstream media, ‘The Iceman’ will always have a special place in the hearts of MMA fans around the world.

Chuck Liddell vs. Jake Paul is ruled out

Unfortunately, popular opinion seem to be that fans do not want to see him return to the cage, regardless of how well it performs on PPV.

During a recent interview, Liddell also claimed that despite a recent spat between the two, he is unlikely to box Paul.

“He’s not good enough to fight me. He’s not gonna fight me. It just doesn’t make sense. He can’t risk getting hurt like that,” Liddell said.

When asked if he would consider a celebrity boxing battle, Liddell responded, “I’ll stick to reffing them for a while. We’ll see. If something happens, you never know. If they offer enough money I’m always down to fight.”

Right now, it appears that Jake Paul has larger MMA fish to fry in the months ahead given the number of confrontations he has had with top-tier MMA fighters.

However, knowing the name value that ‘The Iceman’ possesses, Paul may go out of his way to choose Liddell as his component. Paul is likely to be the betting favourite in this contest.

That would not have been the case a few years ago, but with Liddell suffering from his mobility, you’d think Paul’s youth would auger well for his chances.

As we’ve all learned from professional wrestling, you should never say never in this new era of boxing.

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