CM Punk returns to WWE after 7-year hiatus

Former WWE superstar CM Punk has returned to professional wrestling after seven years.

After weeks of rumours and whispers, Punk made his long-awaited return to the squared circle. This time, it is with All Elite Wrestling, at AEW Rampage: The First Dance held in Chicago, his hometown.

AEW wasted little time getting to their blockbuster announcement. The show opened with the much-loved ‘Cult of Personality’ playing. One of the most thunderous ovations in recent memory ensued, as the wrestling world lost its collective mind.

Every wrestling fan’s biggest wish stood in the form of Phil Brooks, the man behind the CM Punk name. Punk walked slowly to the ring, as the music played and the crowd roared above it. He hugged a few fans at ringside, and even jumped into one section of the crowd. He then entered the ring, and soaked in the cheers and excitement.

“I heard (the chants) for seven years. I heard you,” Punk said, as chants of “CM PUNK!” were at their loudest.

“There is a lot to cover. The good news is I have got time. Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I have got the time and I ain’t going anywhere,” the former five-time WWE champion said.

Punk sat down in the middle of the ring, a clear reference to his acclaimed run in WWE. He mentioned the past was the past, and now he was at AEW after seven long years away.

“I’m back because there’s a couple of scores to settle in that locker room,” Punk said. He then called out AEW star Darby Allin, and dropped the hint for a match at All Out, the AEW pay-per-view on September 5. To conclude his promo, he referenced his infamous ice-cream bars to the crowd, who cheered the dig at WWE.


We hadn’t seen Punk since his unceremonious exit from WWE in 2014. Every wrestling fan hoped he would return to the ring someday. He dabbled in the UFC, but couldn’t win any of his fights. Now, he is back where he belongs, and he has been given a hero’s welcome.

With WWE bringing John Cena back, this is THE perfect riposte to the company. AEW have not just struck gold. They have struck the whole damn mine.

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