“Coming soon, sorry for the delay”: Elon Musk replies to Dariush Beneil’s Tesla plea

Beneil Dariush “called out” Elon Musk after his victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 262. He told Rogan that he ordered a Tesla last year itself, with delivery scheduled for March 2021.

Musk has made certain that Dariush receives his Tesla as soon as possible. The UFC lightweight will soon obtain his car, according to the 49-year-old billionaire. Musk also apologised to Dariush for the delivery delay of two months.

Dariush announced at the post-fight press conference that he ordered the car to make things easier for his pregnant wife.

“(In) December, I ordered my car. I ordered the safest car they told me. It’s the best car for my pregnant wife and I’m still waiting. Elon, bro? What’s the deal, man? You told me March, we are coming up in June. I want my car. Come on, bud. Big fan, but this is disrespect,” said Dariush.

Musk, who is well-known for interacting with his customers on Twitter, later replied to Dariush via Twitter.

“Coming soon. Sorry for the delay!”

Interestingly, Musk has joined the board of directors of Endeavor Group Holdings, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Endeavor recently went public and plans to buy out the entire ownership of the world’s leading MMA promotion.

Dariush is on a 7-game winning streak

Dariush’s victory over Ferguson increased his winning streak to seven fights. The 32-year-old has knocked out four of his last seven opponents, establishing himself as a credible threat in the lightweight division.

Dariush had been clamouring for a fight against a top-ranked fighter for a long time. The UFC eventually granted his wish when they revealed that he will face Ferguson at UFC 262.

Dariush is likely to rocket into the top-five of the lightweight division now that he has defeated fifth-ranked Ferguson. Following UFC 262, Dana White reported that Dariush will likely face a top-five lightweight in his next fight.

The Iranian-born fighter has a UFC record of 15-4. His professional MMA record is 21-4-1.

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