“Compared to Ricciardo”: Boullier makes honest admission about who he can see as world champion

Since the start of the 2021 season, Lando Norris has been in top form. While he has had a constant presence in the front of the grid, the Brit even managed to score a podium in Imola.

According to McLaren’s ex-racing director, Eric Boullier, Norris is a future Formula 1 champion in the waiting.

Lando Norris. Source: gpfans.com

The 21-year-old has had amazing qualifying sessions till now and clocked in great times during races as well.

Currently in fourth place in the driver’s standings, Norris has earned 41 points till now. The young driver hopes for better performance at the upcoming Monaco GP.

Boullier sees Norris as a future champion

“You have to see what he did in the junior categories to understand he is F1 material. I guess you can only see in F1 how they mature and then you can see if they are world champion material, which is different,” Boullier said to PlanetF1.

“Norris won everything below F1 and is developing very well compared to Ricciardo. Not only on a single lap but also in the races, on tyre management. He is developing very well and could be an F1 champion in the future, just like Max [Verstappen].”

Andreas Seidl in favor of Norris

Team principal of the Woking-based outfitAndreas Seidl, also seems to believe that Norris has the potential to become a future champion.

Andreas Seidl. Source: formula1.com

Seidl has been nothing but impressed by Norris’ performance on the grid in the last three years.

Seidl said, “I think on Lando’s side, it is impressive to see the development he has shown in the last three years.

“It’s impressive to see what he’s pulling off this year, and I think if he keeps developing like that as a driver and as a person, I think he has everything in some years which is required in order to be a top driver in Formula 1.

“I think to be a world champion is then again a different story again. That’s something that is always difficult to predict; you need to be in the right car at the right moment, and you need to pull it off also as a driver 23 times a year and not just [a few] times,” he concluded.

With Monaco GP just days away, Norris hopes to pull off a much better performance earning valuable points in the process.

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