“Completely unrelated to the accident”: Binotto reckons Leclerc DNS not linked to qualifying crash

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc had a deplorable day as he was unable to race at the Monaco Grand Prix. Initially, the reason for his car troubles was assumed to be the gearbox. But, that was not the case.

So much was the frustration surrounding the incident that he began to lash out at the team when they refused to replace the gearbox.

Charles Leclerc’s crashed car. Source: theguardian.com

Ferrari boss explains real reason

After the chaos, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto had to step forward to reveal the true reason behind Leclerc‘s retirement even before his race began.

In an interview with F1 reporter Will Buxton, Binotto gave more details of the incident.

The Monegasque did not have any problems with his gearbox and Binotto was quick to clear the air about that. The issue was related to the left drive shaft.

Mattia Binotto. Source: scuderiafans.com

What did Binotto say?

“Obviously, we still need to analyze carefully to understand it from the completely opposite side to the accident of yesterday,” he said.

“So, it was the driveshaft through the wheel to the hub on the left-hand side. So it could be as well completely unrelated to the accident. It’s something we need to understand. So, let’s see. But, certainly unfortunate and unhappy for it, reliability issue.

“It’s not a matter of gamble on the gearbox. It’s completely unrelated. But let’s see what happens and a lesson to learn for us,” Binotto added.

Carlos Sainz celebrating podium

On one side of the garage, things were sullen but on Carlos Sainz‘s side, he and his crew were all celebrating.

Sainz managed to score 18 points throughout the weekend while this was his first podium with Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz. Source: motorsport.com

The 26-year-old, however, revealed that he has mixed feelings after his victory.

During the starting stages of the race, it seemed that Sainz will have to settle for P3 as a head-to-head battle was unfolding between Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas.

However, the Mercedes driver had tough luck and had to retire from the race after a failed pitstop. After that, all Sainz had to do was to maintain his position and bring the car back in one piece.

This just goes to show that the Maranello-based outfit are back in business. From the looks of it, Ferrari can expect themselves to grab podiums more often.

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