Conspiracy theory: Former F1 driver offers peculiar reason as to why Aston Martin signed Vettel

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel is yet to fully acclimatise to life at his new team. There was hope that the team’s poor showing at pre-season testing in Bahrain would just be a minor hiccup.

However, they struggled heavily in the season opener as well.

Vettel in particular was seen as a marquee signing for the team. After six disappointing years at Ferrari, Vettel was expected to perform much better at Aston Martin. However, he got off to the worst possible start at his new team.

The German endured a rather tough time at Ferrari, especially in the last two years. It even led some to believe that the team had impacted Vettel psychologically.

Former F1 driver David Coulthard does not believe that Vettel can find his best form again. He even questioned the motive behind his recruitment.

“I wonder if it’s part of brand building, but that it is not necessarily about Aston Martin, but also for Lance Stroll. If he were to beat Vettel then he can rightly say that he could also be a future champion,” Coulthard said.

“I’m not saying it is and I’m not saying he isn’t, but there are still some doubts on where he sits in the pecking order.

“If he does to Seb what Charles did to Seb, I don’t know how he can finish the season.”

However, Marc Surer said this was not the right assessment.

“A businessman like Lawrence (Stroll) won’t do that,” Surer said.

“Vettel is someone who can develop the car, as he proved at Red Bull Racing.

“It’s about him making the car better, and not about Stroll looking better.

“Stroll is fast and he is a talent. Even though his father has put a lot of money in his career. You have to admit: That boy is fast.

“That’s why it won’t be easy for Vettel to beat him, but that you deliberately let Vettel come to be beaten by Stroll is nonsense.”

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