“Could give them a run for their money”: Norris believes he is ready to beat Hamilton and Verstappen

With Daniel Ricciardo moving to McLaren, people thought that he would be the highlight of the outfit. But his teammate, Lando Norris has been stealing the show in the early part of the season.

His form has been giving him the confidence to go up against the big names in the sport. As of now, he is 4th in the 2021 drivers’ standings.

This has been due to consistently good driving, intelligence and raw power during the opening rounds.

“I just feel like with how I have done this season, I am driving at a level that is capable of winning races and maybe one day a world championship,” Norris declared.

But, in order to claim victory, he will have to beat the two most dominant drivers in the sport – Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

However, Norris does not seem to be overwhelmed by the thought of driving against them.

What did Norris say?

Lando Norris. Source: motorsport.com

“I’m at a level where I would say I could go up against Lewis or Max and – I’ve got to be careful how I say it, not say I could 100 percent beat them – but I could give them a run for their money and I could give it a good effort,” he said.

In Bahrain, he managed to score fourth place while at the rainy Imola circuit, he grabbed the podium.

“With how I feel I have done so far this season, I feel if I was in a car capable of winning races, I feel like I could. Whether it’s in the wet conditions, the dry conditions, I feel I am driving at the moment in a very good manner.

“I feel I am on top of my game, doing a lot of things right and doing myself proud in a lot of ways,” said Norris.

With him staying ahead of his more experienced teammate, we can only wait and see what Norris has up his sleeve.

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