India missed a trick by not selecting Yuzvendra Chahal in the T20 World Cup squad: Imran Tahir

Yuzvendra Chahal has been left out of India’s squad for the T20 World Cup in 2021. Imran Tahir, a South African cricketer, has commented that Chahal’s absence from the Indian selection for the competition is regrettable.

Tahir added that Chahal is a fantastic bowler and that he hoped to see Chahal selected for the Indian T20 World Cup squad. Tahir, 42, also stated that all leg-spinners have different variations under their sleeves.

“He is a wonderful bowler. I personally wanted to see him playing in the T20 World Cup. But unfortunately, he didn’t get picked.

“All the leg-spinners have got different variations. It’s not just about googly and leg break. Top-spinner, flipper, slider are there,” said Tahir as per reports on Republic World.

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Leg spinners are an important part of the game

Imran Tahir also mentioned that leg spinners are a big part of the game these days, and willow wielders can’t play them the same way they used to a decade ago.

It’s also nice to see leg spinners like Adil Rashid, Tabraiz Shamsi, and Rashid Khan doing well in the 2021 T20 World Cup, according to Tahir.

“Leg spinners are playing a big role. Batsmen now can’t play like they used to play 10 years ago. Credit goes to all the spinners and the field planning.

“Leg-spinners are very important and it’s lovely to see that Shamsi, Adil Rashid, Rashid Khan are doing magic in the T20 World Cup. They are making proud for their respective countries,” said Tahir.

Tahir also predicted that South Africa and Pakistan would be the T20 World Cup finalists in 2021.

South Africa’s bowling attack is very good, it seems nothing can stop Pakistan now. I can see them playing the final,” concluded Tahir.

Imran Tahir has played for South Africa in 20 Tests, 107 One-Day Internationals, and 38 Twenty20 Internationals.

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