UAE women’s team player hits historic century against male team

A UAE women’s cricket team player hit a historic century against the boys for the first time ever.

The Gulf Cup is the longest running and largest junior cricket competition in the region. In its 20 years of running, it has seen many things, but never a female player smash a century against her male counterparts.

That changed recently, when Kavisha Kumari scored a century against a male team. It was the first ton scored by a female player against male ones in the competition’s history.

The 18-year-old all-rounder played as opener for the UAE Women’s team. In a bid to accelerate their development, the leading national team players play against boys. However, there was no mismatch in the performance at all, as Kumari struck hard and fast from the first ball and helped her side win by 154 runs.

Kavisha Kumar scored a century against the Under 15s boys side. Source: The National

The heroine speaks

“I could tell within the first two balls it was coming onto the bat nicely and I was connecting with it well,” Kumari said, as quoted by the National News.

“At that point it was just a case of carrying on and playing each ball on its merit. It was my first century against boys and my second century overall.

“In 2019 I scored a T20 century against girls. I have been close a number of times to getting a second one after that 2019 century, and finally getting it against the boys was amazing – I don’t have words to describe it.

“I was more focused on scoring runs, but there was a little nervousness in the 90s because the overs were running out.

“There was a fear that I might not make it, especially as I have been stranded in the 90s a few times before against the boys. I have made 90, 97, 93, all not out in the past. So there was a nervousness, and I was trying to get on strike when I was in the 90s and make the runs,” she concluded.

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